10 Pre-Season Questions, Not Yet Asked

1. When will Gary Sheffield stop talking to the press?
2. When will Pedro officially break off all contract discussions with the BoSox?
3. When will the NY Post run a back page headline of “No Ken Do: Lofton Packs it In”
4. Who will be the first Yankee to inspire a painful “it is high, it is far…” rant from Mr. Stirling?
4a. How many games until Mr. Stirling does his best Daniel Day-Lewis as Christy Brown call indicating a Yankees win?
5. When will Trot Nixon not have to answer questions about his back?
6. How long until Kevin Brown chews out a teammate in public?
7. How long until a superstar is really outed in a steroid scandal?
8. Who will Carlos Beltran be playing for in August?
9. Who will Jose Vidro be playing for in late April?
10. Will Bud Selig step down some time soon after the November presidential election?

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  • A few answers:
    1. The day Pedro starts posting on SoSH.
    2. The day Kevin Brown blows out his elbow.
    3. The day the Herald runs “Manny Skips Road Trip to Brush Up On PlayStation Skills”
    4 (A & B). Paging Joe Girardi!
    5. Never.
    6. How long until Manny Ramirez chews a Milky Way while in left field.
    7. How long until a superstar is outed?
    8. Boston
    9, New York
    10. Never. He didn’t sell the Brewers to step down.

    YF March 29, 2004, 6:07 pm
  • Some Questions and Answers about YF Answers:
    1. Is Pedro a Mac or PC Guy?
    2. We can only hope!
    3. Manny plays XBox
    4. Paging anyone!
    5. True
    6. Ask former Dallas Cowboy Nate Newton, though he was a Snickers man.
    10. Not even if a certain dimwitted someone is unemployed and looking for work that more appropriately suits his fantasy?

    SF March 29, 2004, 6:25 pm

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