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Congratulations, Big Papi. His contract is a personal point of contention for him. He is living up to his side of the bargain this year, but will that make any difference in how the Sox treat their only All-Star selection for his next contract offer?

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It’s impossible to hate Papi, other than the fact he hit plenty of those 400 against us.
Congrats to a great player and a better person.
Hopefully he doesn’t add to his total this weekend…but you KNOW he will.

I feel three things about Ortiz:
1. For everything he did before and after October 2004 I feel genuine respect, albeit begrudging due solely to his uniform. He is among the best sluggers of this era and seemingly very well liked and respected league-wide.
2. As for his performance that particular month, it makes it impossible for me to look at him without a wave of nausea coming over me.
3. His disrespectful intrusion into Francona’s press-conference last year based solely on a personal-stat dispute and this quote from him: “If you go crazy and give contracts to whoever comes along despite not knowing how they’re going to do, then you don’t give me my due consideration, even though I do my thing every year, (expletive) that.” do make me think slightly – just slightly – less of him than I otherwise would.

sorry guys, i’ll be the one to provide the balance to this post…it’s a number, a count, no big deal really in this day and age of more sophisticated stats…48 other mlb players have achieved this mark…i’m not impressed…i actually like papi, so i’m glad certain allegations didn’t gain traction …as i remember, jeter’s 3000 hits, which by the way has been achieved by fewer players, 28, was not only met with a rousing chorus of indifference here, it was similarly dismissed as nice, but ho-hum…not even a post…papi got a post…you do get an atta-boy for trying to lure the sox fans back into the discussion, but i suspect most will be too busy until the sox start to show some signs of life, or arod does something really stupid again…maybe a sweep of the yanks this weekend, with arod sharing popcorn with cameron and madonna, will be the cure…

DC! What’s up brother!

AG is a nice boy, he isn’t bitter and angry like us dc…

Big weekend boys…the rivalry is back.

I’m representin’, dc! As much as I can. This weekend, that’ll be practically (or literally) zilch as I’m going to yet another wedding and the traveling begins this afternoon.

As for Papi, good for him. Hope he scrounges his way to 500 somehow.

I have no life…that’s why I’m always here.

But next year when the wife graduates and we get the FUCK out of Memphis, I will probably have other things to do…

NAH. I’ll always be here.

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