***** WINNERS! Congratulations to the

***** WINNERS! Congratulations to the AL East champion New York Yankees. Another brilliant season. Bravo and thank you. ***** I enjoy Jayson Stark’s column, but this just doesn’t make sense to me. How is it possible that the player who is “most valuable” could be anyone BUT the best player in the league? Stark’s anti-A-Rod argument is particularly illogical. Tejada hits .220 for the entire first half of the season and is an MVP candidate, but A-Rod is eliminated because a two-week slump sunk the Rangers? Please. A player lucky enough to be on a team with a terrific pitching staff in a tight pennant race is not more “valuable” in any discrete way. Stark’s argument is also tautological: a prejudice against players on below-average teams reinforces itself every year by keeping those players from the award; but this doesn’t justify the prejudice. The best solution is for dual awards. Then, if Stark wants to give Shannon Stewart an award, that’s up to him. But obviously position players benefit inordinately from the quality of their pitching staffs. Production is production. The most valuable player is the best player. That’s A-Rod. Frank Thomas: now he claims the lack of 50-hr hitters is a result of steroid testing. A shot at Barry, Sammy? Hmmm… David Ortiz: Yankee killer. Swings like Bonds. Great pickup.

Posted by YF on 9/24/2003 09:20:51 AM

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