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A Moral Dilemma

Sunday, April 4th is Opening Day, a night game on ESPN. Forget for the moment the repulsion at an "Opening Day" game being played at 8pm on a school night (kids are supposed to cut school, not sleep through it) – we've been invited to attend by our parents, in place of one of them (they have two seats). Opening Day is a tradition for my Mom and Dad, they have been going regularly for at least the years since I went off to college in the late 80s. As such I have never been to an opener at Fenway, something I have always hoped to do. 

So: do I go? Do I abscond with one of the tickets to view the pomp and circumstance and the opening pitch against the hated rivals? Or do I do the magnanimous thing, let tradition hold in our parents' 70th year (and 48th together), and watch the first two innings on ESPN while hitting the sack at a reasonable hour?

Help me out, everyone!

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Against the defending champions on your home turf? I’d say that’s an opportunity you can’t pass up! A win means everything starts fresh…
It really grates me that they’ve given ESPN exclusive rights to the opening game and turning the day into a singular event. And the day off following is painful.

That was my take, krueg. But my father began to insist that I go. I think he isn’t interested in the potential for a 40 degree night game on a Sunday in April. Maybe he’s making the smarter call by pushing me to go!

I’m guessing that this offer has not been extended before, which I think suggests your dad and mom have thought this through and really want you to spend a day watching your favorite team with mom. You have to take this because it’s their wishes. What this means is that you have to come up with something to give them that will be close to as special and as surprising.

The circumstance is that I will be in Boston for a late Passover seder on Saturday, bringing the kids, so my Dad suggested I stay on for Sunday. I am inclined to think this is less of a premeditated offer and more of a way for my Dad to not have to freeze himself at Fenway so my mom can get her favorite Fenway Franks.

My parents both love the Sox. But my mom is the more emotional fan, my dad the more detached analytical fan. I have gotten both streaks in various amounts, depending on events and timing.
My mom is far more in the “irrational hatred of all things that harm the Sox” mode, my dad is more of an over-reasoned cynic of all things in general.

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