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A New Day: Rays-Sox Gamer XV

Get that taste out of our mouths, Josh. It’s all on you. Again.

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You know what saddens me? This site always dies when one of the two teams dies for the season. It’s a shame, understood, but a shame just the same. I like the people that contribute here, both authors and the regular readers.

Sox pitching’s first 1-2-3 since the first inning comes via Okajima (and a little luck on the third out liner). Heading home…would be great to get home to a win or a big lead.

Ellsbury has no pitch recognition. This is his biggest flaw. He appears to have minimal ability to pick up pitches. I hope this improves, but this year there hasn’t been a noticeable change over the course of the season.

I still haven’t figured out this ump’s strikezone. It’s all over the place.
Meanwhile, Masterson walks the leadoff hitter in the ninth but Cash guns him down!

Lowell has superb SSS numbers versus Balfour. I’ll hang my hat on those, at least for the moment. Go Mikey!

No matter the outcome, this series has been awesome. A real battle between two great teams. Always, always, always the score has been close.

Outside, Lowell walks to lead off the inning. Question: bunt him over or not? He’s slow, so there’s a huge chance Lowell wouldn’t score on a single anyhow.
Question answered: Cora PRs for Lowell. I suppose a sac is up next.

Kotsay rips one pretty good, but to the vast center field, probably 370. Not good enough to advance Cora either. Bah.
Let’s go, Jed.

“one thing that has defined this Tampa club: they are ultra-competitive” sayeth an idiot in a booth on ESPN.
Really, they are ultra-competitive? No shit.

Me too, IBM – Carter slaps one to left.
And Sutcliffe says “great job by Francona picking the right guy”. Seriously? I mean, what was Tito supposed to do, hit Cash?!

From Dale Arnold: Carter is 3-4 w/the big club, and 2 of the 3 hits are off Balfour.

What an awful, awful call. He was safe.

That’s frustrating. The umps are GREAT at those bang-bang first base plays typically, and that seemed like no worse than a tie, but more realistically Ellsbury beat it out, if barely. He just shouldn’t blow that call.

Replay shows him safe, even though Jacboby wasn’t hustling out of the box. He would have been miles safe had he busted it out of the box.
Manny would have been run out of town for that…Oh, wait…

Joe Maddon has quickly risen close to the top of the “managers I really don’t like” list in my wallet. He still has some work to do to get past Ozzie Guillen and Tony LaRussa, but he’s moving fast.

What’s your beef with him, SF? I didn’t hate Ozzie Guillen till this year…but I do now.
Nice play, all told. Scary.

Nice play by Delcarmen to scoop the awkward toss from Youk, who dropped the grounder. Excellent concentration by MDC.

I don’t disregard the job Maddon has done, I just don’t like him. He seems super smug to me. He has a little LaRussa in him, I think.
This is totally irrational, of course.

It is irrational, SF. But admitting it is half the battle.
I know where you’re coming from. He has done a great job of playing the underdog unrespected guy this year, which can be irritating but effective. He’s not paid to make me happy. And he was the next choice after Tito post Grad… Gra… Crap. I can’t type his name.

I know Ortiz is the more conventional scary hitter, but I am not sure this is the smartest move – Ortiz has really looked like a lesser hitter lately. I hope I am right.

Just hit it hard. That’s all you can ask.
Ooooooooohhhh. DP. Bay winning it would be great justice. Will they walk him?

Oooh, good thing that went foul. That had double play written all over it.
Just like that one. Yuck. Maddon makes the good call, I guess.
Sox were paralyzed by the heart of the order there – no bunt possible with Ortiz and Youk, and that was probably the one, best time to bunt a guy over.

Tough spot there, I think the right baseball play would have been to bunt Pedroia to third, but there was zero chance of that happening with the guys who were coming up.

Orsillo’s been calling a lot of outs like they were gonna be close (GROUNDS IT SLOWLY, etc.).
Great play, Lowrie!

Nice! MDC with a fine effort tonight.
Now please END THIS. I am on Dad duty tomorrow morning and staring at short sleep the longer this goes.

Does Alex Cora have a chemistry set at his locker? All this talk about how smart he is, blah blah blah, every time he makes an appearance. It’s like the Sox employ Stephen Hawking.

Man, these guys are overanalyzing a routine play turned into a much harder one by Bartlett, who nearly flubbed a modest grounder by Cora.
How was that such a great play, and not just a routine grounder made far more difficult than it should have been?

Our own Dave O’Brien is the play-by-play man on ESPN tonight, and the aformentioned MLB ballwasher Sutcliffe is teh analyst.

Ok, Jed, 2-0. Drive one.
And don’t risk sending Kotsay on Baldelli if there’s an XBH and a possible close play, ok? Not with one down.

Someone is at bat who I have never seen before. I hate (or love, depending on what happens) roster expansion.

Again, Ellsbury just completely fooled on a hook. He can’t read pitches, I am convinced of it. He either guesses right or not. That’s it.

Shit, Ellsbury hit one about 140 feet, which is maybe an improvement on his efforts distance-wise, but still a nothing result. Another f*cking waste.

SF, I think you’re right. And he doesn’t have the power to scare anyone away from attacking the strike zone. Hopefully he improves because otherwise he’s pretty much a fourth outfielder or a below average center fielder. He is still young though, so there is some time for improvement.
Who is coming in to pitch for us now?

If MDC blows up this inning it’s going to be hard to get pissed off at him. He’s done a great job tonight, and asking him to pitch a third inning is out of the norm.
But please, no Timlin. Please.

The six game lead in the WC standings definitely takes the edge off this game (though it might be five soon). I want first place, sure, but a couple of weeks ago I was even more worried about even making the playoffs. At least that’s now under the Sox’ control, to an extent.

Someone record Sutcliffe right now and send it to FJM. He’s trying to create some sort of bizarro equivalency between the Sox making the playoffs after winning the Series and the Rays trying to make the playoffs at all. It’s mind-numbing stuff.

Sutcliffe now announcing that DHs shouldn’t be allowed to win the batting title.

David Ortiz just bunted. Wow.
Kiddo’s in bed, but I’ve been listening to the game for a while. Jason Bay could make Red Sox fans love him forever with a hit here…

If Papi was going to bunt with Pedro on 1st, then why didn’t he do it with Pedro on 2nd and nobody down in the tenth? That’s a far better spot to do it, right? Assuming you can get it down, of course.

Right, duh, sorry IBM. I am living in my own hypothetical world where they didn’t do that and I am the manager of the Sox and control fictional games.

I can’t imagine that bunt was a Tito call. Very un-Franconalike..
NOW Jason Bay could make Red Sox fans love him forever with a hit here…. J.D. Drew style…

Now it’s Bay, though. 31 pitches for Howell. Don’t know if that means much, don’t know what kind of reliever he is.

MM: I posted that a long while ago in this same thread, about how I felt that Maddon had a little LaRussa in him.

What sucks is that the combination of pinch-everythings has left the Sox’ lineup abysmal past Bay… Cora-Kotsay-Lowrie-Carter-Ross. Kotsay excepted, that does not inspire confidence.
Aaaaand Bay is having a bad game. Suck.
Alex Cora, our hopes rest on you. Not quite what I hoped…

Is one f’n hit too much to ask for? Are these Rays pitchers really that good? Cause if so, maybe we should just bow out and hand ’em the division right now.
Sorry, just very pissed right now.

You’re too invested now, SF. Hw could you go to bed without knowing the result? It’ll just keep you up anyway, wondering…

At this point, the pitchers are easily the most rested guys out there, so it’s not surprising that inertia kinda takes over on both sides…

You know what screwed us that inning? Ortiz’s bunt. He’s not there to move the runner over, he’s there to drive him in. I hated that play at the time and I hate it now. It was funny though.

I agree, MM. Ortiz should not EVER be bunting. A lot of very weird decisions over these two games (for example, why is Coco Crisp still on the bench?) — and not a single one that I can think of that actually helped the Red Sox in these crucial games.
For a manager who has pressed all the right buttons during the playoffs,. Francona seems to be bumbling his way through the closest thing you can get to them here…
Now a 3-0 count. Ugh.

Am I wrong, or isn’t J.D. Drew off the DL? Why hasn’t he been in the game??
Double play! Eff yeah! There may be life yet!

Any chance Drew pinch hits for Ross here? I think the Sox would have to go to an emergency catcher, since they’ll gone through Tek and Cash already.

What’s sad is there’s really no one to pinch hit for any of these guys: I trust Kotsay more than Crisp, there aren’t any infielders left for Lowrie, and I don’t think we want Kottaras behind the plate were he to fail in his first-ever big-league at bat (pretty likely)…

All right this isn’t even fun anymore…
Remind me again why we have Jacoby Ellsbury still out there with his offensive AND defensive superior on the bench, and why we haven’t hit J.D. Drew in a key situation yet?

Paul, Coco was already burned as a pinch runner, anyway.
That inning was distinguished by the fact that Ellsbury wasn’t the one who ended it in dismal fashion.

Ah, you’re right, SW. I think I was even listening on that one and just forgot. So we pinch ran Crisp and then didn’t replace Ellsbury on defense? That boggles my mind.

Timlin coming in. As much as I like and respect him and his past accomplishments with the Sox, I fear this game is about over now.

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Lopez went three innings on June 6 — the only other time in his career he’s gone more than two innings. In 323 appearances, he’s gone more than an inning just 31 times, and two innings or more just four times now.

Since Crisp is burned already, that makes it easier for me — pinch hit Drew for Ellsbury to lead off the bottom half of the 14th…

Timlin has been great lately; sure he got blown out in his last outing, but before that he had a 2.70 ERA since July 5, over 20 innings.
And right as I type that, Iwamura singles. I’ll take blame for the jinx.

Base hit to center. If Timlin can get an out, I feel like they’ll have extracted every drop of effectiveness from the bullpen. I hope they haven’t already. My heart stopped for a sec on Baldelli’s first swing there.

Both, ath. I’ve used tigerdirect before so I have no problem with them . And others have suggested Seagate, too.

Iwamura with the rare 3-0 single. He was 0 for 1 in his career with a 3-0 count.
And now Baldelli with the lined single. Here’s the Timlin we all know and fear.

If that wasn’t the most fucking predictable thing I’ve ever seen…
I don’t know what Francona was thinking. How do you leave Timlin in in that situation? How?!?!
I’m going to break something then I’m going to bed.

We expect to see the remnants of Ike here in northern Ilinois sometime Monday or Tuesday. Are your hatches battened down, Paul?

Right now, it looks like it will track east of us, but if it hits the coast a little farther south than currently predicted, we may get 8-10 inches of rain. So, I guess we’ll see. We’ve already gotten a ton of rain from that tropical depression off the Mexican coast, believe it or not, so any more would quickly be a flooding situation.

Yeah, Ath. We actually root for hurricanes out here. They bring much-needed rain — though less needed this month than previously…

Yeah, I know how it goes Paul. Any precipitation is good precipitation.
Well, unless it’s hail. My dad’s car was in the shop and he had a rental car for a few days, and hail absolutely destroyed it. It looked like someone had spent 15 minutes with a baseball bat destroying that thing.
Ellsbury lead-off double. Why do you tease us so?

Ellsbury with the double!! (Where was that when he was up with a runner on second TWICE in extra innings????)

I covered a hailstorm west of here where a car was slammed with softball- and grapefruit-size hail. Huge holes in the windshield. The woman driving it when it happened somehow managed to stop the car, run to a house and get inside without major injury…

Madding doing a good job of getting out there and pulling Percival quickly, despite his disagreement. For the long-term, it’s a good decision.

Really, Youkilis and Bay are just who you want up in this situation, other than Pedroia, who’s already on base. The Sox can’t ask for anything more.

Errr, Maddon I mean. Come on Youks!
That’s a crazy story Paul. If I had not lived in Dallas I would never have guessed that Texas would get so much hail.

We also never saw Sean Casey or Jeff Bailey in this game — both of whom could have been used as pinch hitters at some point. I just don’t understand…

Youk hits it hard, but about 15 feet short of a homer. Two runs to go, with two outs to make it happen.
Anything but a DP Bay!

Wow, what a terrible game for Bay. :-(
Surely, we’re going to pinch hit Casey or Drew for Cora, right?

ARod is far from a curse, he simply just can’t get it done, and the teams he plays for only get worse. But Seattle and Texas and eventually New York will rise again (without him, of course). But this Manny thing is real (until Boston proves otherwise by winning a championship without the Manny). Bay 0-zillion last night, Manny two homers and the Dodgers pulling away in the standings. When the Dodgers win the World Series this year, only then will the Boston fans begin to realize what asses they and the media and the management group were and what a long century it will be. Fun while it lasted.

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