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A Night to Remember Nick: Sox-Angels Gamer I

"Let's play ball", said the Angels PA man a moment ago, following a sad tribute to Nick Adenhart.  Tonight the game reoccupies the emotional space of the fallen pitcher's teammates, a short salve to the tragedy of this week.  We hope they can distract themselves, if only for a few hours.

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22 replies on “A Night to Remember Nick: Sox-Angels Gamer I”

Very adventurous first inning for the Red Sox all-time wins leader. Gets the first two easy, the two walks and an HBP, then a pop out.
I blame the new alternative road unis.

i know i mentioned it the game thread the other day but…. the MLB At Bat app. for the iphone is sooooooo sweet. home and away audio broadcasts for every game over your phone. i’m giddy like a schoolgirl about this.

not sure about the blackberry. i heard someone saying there’s a way the other day, but i have no more info for you than that.

That does sound pretty sweet, sfrod. How much is it? Do you have to renew the subscription every year? I mean, kinda moot for me since I don’t have an iPhone, but it would be easier to justify getting one if it gave me WEEI.

the application is $10 for the year. basically the same price as MLB audio subscription. games are on wrko in boston this year. there’s another free app that lets you pick up radio stations from around the country but WEEI hasn’t been added yet.
i had the game on in the dugout at my softball game the other nite. 3 guy’s on my team have gotten an iphone in the last week for this app alone.
lucky to get out of that inning only giving up 3. uhg..

Thank goodness the Sox’s amazing rotation depth lets them put out as a stopper…Brad Penny.

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