A-Rod Agonistes

Will he stay or will he go? A fun piece from Will Leitch, and with a shoutout to our pals over at the Banter. Bottom line: who knows?

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  • “However good-natured it was, it’s the kind of thing that does not speak to an undying attachment between player and team.” – referring to ARod’s shoulder/heart gesture mimicked by his teammates.
    Lines like this drive me insane. Let’s say the Yankees jump to the top step and politely applaud, then it’s “the team supports and appreciates his contributions, but it’s not the kind of involvement that speaks of an undying attachment between player and team.” Say what it does “speak to” if you are going to open the door.

    attackgerbil September 24, 2007, 1:26 pm
  • Yeah, I had the same thought that you did.
    I noticed the gesture during the Red Sox series, and remembered that it came around the same time that Tito was calling Dustin Pedroia a bum. They talked about playing cards before each game.
    It made me think about how over the course of a season, it is dificult to not form bonds with the people you basically live with day to day. Obviously the Yankees’ corporate mindset make that type of bonding seem impossible. The RedSox were always the bums who were just playing together for shits and giggles while the Yankees were the corporate machine lined with the dead bodies of the faceless.
    Obviously neither of these things are true. The Yankees and Red Sox are different, but its difficult to believe that Jeter & Posada are not close considering their history. This year more than ever, with Cano and Cabrera become the C&C boys of the next generation, the Yankees have started to throw away that corporate image. I think we are getting to see how the Yankees interact under the surface.
    Cano and Cabrera with their high-fives and onfield chatter. Kennedy, Hughes and Chamberlain mingling with Mussina, Petitte and Clemens. Chamberlain making jokes about the Joba Rules when in the clubhouse. Even additions like Bengie Molina (and I miss Fasano btw) and Shelley Duncan round out a team that appears to enjoy the time spent together. I think the A-Rod shoulder motion is Alex’s contribution to the team scrapbook.
    I think in time we will see all this through the perspective of Jeter’s career. When we all sit down to think about Jeter, we’ll see that his leadership is unique. Big hits, unflappable, calm but not the rah-rah energy of a Tejada, big Papi or even Varitek. And that fits perfectly with the Yankee Corporate Creed of keeping emotions and interactions underwraps, and its helped him win championships, but it might have created the idea of the Yankees not being a comraderie-heavy team.
    And maybe that was case at a time, but I see the change happening where late-stage Jeter might be a more boisterous team. And I think A-Rod can be a part of that.

    Carlos (YF) September 24, 2007, 2:32 pm
  • “However good-natured it was, it’s the kind of thing that does not speak to an undying attachment between player and team.”
    … and you know this *how*?
    As much as I love Will Leitch and Deadspin, that just strikes me as a complete BS line.

    doug YF September 24, 2007, 2:40 pm
  • Big hits, unflappable, calm but not the rah-rah energy of a Tejada, big Papi or even Varitek.
    Really? What writer in the world would choose to describe Jason Varitek as rah-rah? As flappable?
    CI has the advantage in big hits, no doubt. But saying Tek is a rah-rah individual is absolutely ridiculous.

    QuoSF September 24, 2007, 5:55 pm
  • @QuoSF, agreed. Tek is NOT a rah-rah type of player.

    John September 24, 2007, 6:12 pm
  • Sorry, my perception might be a bit skewed. As a watcher from this side of the aisle, I always saw Varitek as the core of your the RedSox. Partly because he stood up to (and beat)A-Rod last year, but over the years, he always seemed like the kind of guy that would walk up to someone and talk them through things. He was always present, always stable and as time passed, it seemed like the Red Sox were represented by him.
    I guess I should say that he is more of an involved leader. And Jeter keeps presenting a “oh they’ll get it on their own attitude.”
    I’m sorry for the error; i’ll adjust my perceptions accordingly. SF fans know him best.

    Carlos (YF) September 24, 2007, 6:20 pm
  • He’s definitely a leader…I think they’re just saying he’s a little more stolid than rah-rah. His leadership is (or seems to the fans) fairly quiet.

    Devine September 24, 2007, 6:43 pm
  • The Cubs have Aramis Ramirez signed through ’11, so they’d have to move A-Rod to SS if they wanted him. However, it’s not like they need another slugger (or to add more payroll). He’d be good for the Angels, but I doubt they’d ever commit the sort of money he’ll demand to anyone.
    I think it’s down to the Sox and Yankees, barring insanity from another team’s GM.* I disagree with the article that losing ARod would destroy the team’s chances next season. They’d either grab Mike Lowell or swing a trade for someone else (Miguel Cabrera, Tejada?).
    *Boras: “Why yes, Mr. Rodriguez would love $35 million/year over 12 years to play for Kansas City.”

    Andrew F (Sox Fan) September 24, 2007, 9:49 pm
  • This off season is gonna be nuts. A-Rod, Bonds, Santana…
    My takes – A-Rod is gonna opt out. Boras wants th emoney and he IS Boras. I personally thinks he ends up right back in NY saddly. The Angels and the Sox will both make plays though. Imagine ARod-Vlad or ARod-Papi-Manny.
    Santana: He’ll be up for a trade. He is a free agent after next season and the Twins WONT be able to resign him. The Yanks and the Sox will both make Power Plays for him. I think btoh teams would be willign to give up ANYTHING for him.. all the way to Buccholz and Chamberlain and beyond.
    Bonds – I hope no one takes him. If not no one.. I hope the Yankees take him if they lose A-Rod. They wont do this, but itd enable me to consolidate my hate.

    Dionysus September 25, 2007, 1:52 am
  • frankly, i’d be surpised not to see the sox sign lowell…he’s played very well for them, especially this year, he’s rock solid defensively, and plays nearly every game…not to say that the sox won’t enter the bidding for arod, but that will be mostly a token gesture [a la clemens], just to f— with the yankees a bit to get them to jack up their offer…i could be way off, in that the sox could make a hard run at arod, but i just don’t think so…also, i don’t believe cashman for a minute that the yanks won’t participate if arod opts out…
    i dunno dio, i think bonds would look better in a sox uniform…it’s a much better fit…
    the yanks do seem to be having more fun in the dugout anyway [i don’t think we know what goes on in the clubhouse or after games], but let’s face it, winning is more fun than losing…did the yanks start winning after they started clowning around, or are they simply having more fun now because they starting winning?…from a fan’s point of view, i suspect it’s “b”…i didn’t start having fun this season until just a couple of months ago…
    it just seems like the “whole clowning around or not clowning around, which is better for the team?” argument is pointless…i don’t think it matters much, and it’s too dependent on winning, not the other way around…i don’t see many losers whoopin’ it up…

    dc September 25, 2007, 8:18 am

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