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A S*%t Sandwich Between Two Slices of Wonder Bread

In his last nine games of the 2012 regular season, Robinson Cano went an astonishing 24 for 39, yielding a line of .615/.628/1.026, practically single-handedly keeping the Yankees a step ahead of the Baltimore Orioles in the race for the division title.

In the eight games of the World Baseball Classic he hit .469/.514/.781 on his way to winning the MVP and helping the DR take the title.

Unfortunately, in between these stretches of batting genius, he went 3 for 40 in the 2012 ALDS and ALCS, yielding a line of .075/.098/.125.

Baseball is such a tease.

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I feel like that as Mark Texiera and A-Rod struggle to stay on the field, it’s only going to get worse for Cano; the protection around him has broken down significantly at times, which leads to him just being pitched to, but around. His desire to swing has hurt him at times in those cold stretches.

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