A Dispiriting Night in the Bronx

There are some nights in baseball where The Fates just don’t have you in their favor, and this was surely one of them for the Yanks. We were on hand to see the sad doings, joined by AngelsFan, who pulled a classic LA manouver and showed up in the third (he blamed the subway). Our report: The Yanks hit the ball on the button all night—Sheffield smacked one to deep center on a low-line trajectory that was truly astounding—but those shots, including the aforementioned, always seemed to land in an Angels’ glove. Incipient rallies died. Womack (playing center) was thrown out at third on a foolish double steel by Womack with Sheff at the plate. Then Derek went down on the pads. Nothing seemed to bounce right. Meanwhile, Moose was effective save for a brief spell in the second, when Garret Anderson, who always seems to kill the Yanks, and Molina #1 homered to put the Halos up 3-0, a lead they did not relinquish. With the Sox up on the away board, that made for a dispiriting evening. Insult to injury: both Sheff and Matsui were hit. Hard. Did Moose respond? Does he ever? There was an opportunity to plunk Juan Rivera in the ass with a base open in the eighth, but Sturtze passed. (He did brush back Vlad, however.) The Angels seem to have the Yanks number lately. We hope the boys turn that around over the weekend. We’ll be watching.

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  • That’s Baseball…you win 60, you lose 60, and hopefully if it’s the spankees-you choke on the other 42.
    p.s- Go Sox! 9 1/2 hrs and counting…

    TonyC.25 July 31, 2005, 6:26 am
  • sorry ’bout the math this early in the morning…

    TonyC.25 July 31, 2005, 6:27 am

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