A few items to address:

A few items to address: 1. Steinbrenner’s complaint about the Matsui vote is somewhat on target, but as usual he goes overboard in comparing Matsui to Robinson (even considering the potentially xenophobic subtext you allude to in your earlier post). He also fails to recognize (as you did) that two writers seem to have left Berroa off the ballot as well. Had they voted for Berroa in any position this wouldn’t even be an issue. Again, his bluster makes it impossible to agree with him, and he articulates only the facts that are important to him. 2. Re: Schilling. Great match for the Red Sox or Yankees, but I think the Times’ “Nick Johnson as possible bait” line is either a red herring or, worse, stupidity on the Yanks’ part. How do they give up a budding hitting dynamo who can at least play the field in place of a withering Giambi for a 37 year-old $12M one year pitcher? I just don’t see the logic in that one, and can’t imagine Cashman does either. Why wouldn’t they just sign Colon, Millwood, and not give up a thing? Money is not the issue, and they need a healthy Johnson next year, other corollary moves notwithstanding. 3. See story re: A-Rod, Nomar. I think I called this one as a good move long ago, just to pat one’s own back. I think it would be in the Sox’ interest to pursue hard.