A New Nemesis

Derek vs Edgar? Sounds good to us. A nice pickup for the Sox, though four years at $10 mil per seems steep for a guy who’s going to hit .280 with minimum power.

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  • Edgah’s bettah!
    Actually, it’s not even close. Edgar tops Jeter with the glove. Of course, just about every SS in baseball tops Jeter with the glove, so that’s nothing to brag about. But for every other measure of quality, Jeter is waaaay out of Renteria’s league.
    Still not worth $18m a year, though.

    Sam December 15, 2004, 4:00 pm
  • For YF’s sake, it seems that most sabermetric analysis puts Renteria’s current dollar value at somewhere around 8/9M, so the Sox, in sheer statistical terms (however limited those are), overpaid a premium, and that premium was probably what it took to get him away from his current team.
    This is a good move for the Sox – Renteria’s contract is insurable (unlike Pedro’s), he helps the defense, they gain 2 draft picks for Cabrera, and now they can consider dealing their absolutely best prospect (Hanley Ramirez, a shortstop), for a front-line pitcher, whether before the season or at the deadline. Keep going, Theo!

    SF December 15, 2004, 7:04 pm
  • Mr. Renteria isn’t close to Capt. Mr. Jeter in this race. I’m too lazy to post stats (unless anyone argues) but the only thing that Mr.Renteria has tohis name is that Capt. Mr. Jeter has struck out more. Mr. Renteria has one more gold glove then Capt. Mr. Jeter — but we’ll see when the season starts.

    Anonymous December 22, 2004, 8:14 am