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Absolutely Pounding the Strike Zone: Yanks-Os Gamer VII

46 times in the history of baseball a starting pitcher has completed 7 innings with fewer than 68 pitches.  Tonight's start by Bartolo Colon at Camden Yards makes # 47.

Colon is hitting 96 on the radar gun, his fastball is moving wickedly, the strike zone has been generous, and the O's are impatient.  A perfect storm. 

But the Yanks are still only clinging to a 1-run lead due to the excellent performance of O's rookie phenom Zack Britton.  Having thrown 61 of his 87 pitches for strikes (83%) over 8 innings, it looks like Colon may nevertheless be yanked for Mo in the 9th.

Pitching duels are the best.

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I would never argue against bringing in Mo in a save situation. And given that Bartolo has a historical weakness for the long ball, whereas Mo rarely gives up anything other than squibbers and bloops, it makes sense. But I would have liked to see Colon get a chance to close this one out. In under 100 pithces no less.
1 quick out for Mo…

Markakis with a single and it’s 1st and 3rd with one out. Drama. And Guerrero sac flies him in. I gotta say, as bummed as I am for the Yanks as a team, I seriously feel for Bartolo. That was a masterpiece he twirled.
Well, back to the game to see if the Yanks can at least keep it tied.

Man on 3rd, no outs for A-Rod, Cano, Dickerson. Accardo K’s all 3. O’s deserve this game. There has been some beautiful pitching all around, but when your two best hitters cannot muster a fly ball or even a groundball to the right side of the infield, you deserve to lose.

Yanks stranding baserunners like…well…like the 2011 Yanks. Pie’s warning track shot here in the 14th looked like a walk-off HR to everyone everywhere. Phew. And Hector Noesi’s arm will be lying on the mound before the night is out. At 51 pitches now.

Teixeira leadoff single. That’s two in his last two ABs. Maybe he is finally waking up. A-Rod who did well in the first 3 hours of this game, not so well in the last 2…

A-Rod singles. Two men on and no outs. Again. And that drives Accardo out so the O’s bring in their LAST pitcher – Mike Gonzalez. Can we bring Bartolo back? He barely warmed up in those first 8 innings…

Cano POUNCES on the first pitch from Gonzalez for a 2-run triple. Please add another 5 runs fellas. I don’t know who will be taking the hill for the Yanks in the bottom half…

Oh my God. Gonzalez beans Dickerson in the head with a 91-mph heater. Oh God that looked and sounded absolutely horrible. Gonzalez is booted immediately (no idea who the O’s will pitch now since Gonzalez was their last arm). Dickerson has a big welt just outdside of the left eye. His helmet cracked. The Yankees have bench players to take his place. So he stays in the game with Monahan escorting him to 1st. WTF.

So Girardi puts in AJ Burnett to pinch run so he won’t lose his DH by pinch running Posada – his only other available player. Nunez to the outfield and Jeter – who was the DH – to SS.
Gardner up, no outs still. Gonzalez pulled form the game looking OK.

Noeci. Again. And Markakis with the leadoff single. Lord. My wish: Yankees win now. But if they don’t, I’d rather have them lose in this inning than see more innings of tie baseball. I can’t take this any more.

Absolutely EVERY-F’ING-THING is happening in this game. Snyder, who was running form 1st to 2nd on what should have been a single, gets HIT by the ground ball, so he is out. And with men on 1st and 2nd, Noeci induces the pop-up. And the game is over.
Thank God. Hope Dickerson is OK – looks like he was. I threw this post up in the beginning of the 8th. Turns out that was just in time for 8 innings of crazy baseball.

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