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Accustomed To Your Face: Yanks-Sox Gamer I

The Yanks and Sox get cozy at Fenway as they squeeze four games in by Sunday night. Josh Beckett and Hiroki Kuroda get the start for tonight’s game, while the day-night double-header tomorrow has Morales and Hughes in the first game, with Doubront and Garcia in the tail end of the long day. Sunday’s game is mercifully scheduled for the late ESPN start and slates Lester and Nova. By gerbil’s very rough math, figure a bare minimum of 15 hours of Baseball’s best rivalry squeezed into the next 2⅓ days.

Sleep? Overrated. Lineups to follow, comment away.

NY Yankees
D. Jeter ss .303
C. Granderson cf .241
A. Rodriguez dh .266
R. Cano 2b .316
M. Teixeira 1b .247
N. Swisher rf .258
R. Ibanez lf .237
E. Chavez 3b .270
R. Martin c .178
H. Kuroda 3.17
D. Nava lf .286
R. Kalish cf .231
D. Ortiz dh .302
C. Ross rf .275
A. Gonzalez 1b .275
J. Saltalamacchia c .245
M. Gomez 3b .167
M. Aviles ss .261
N. Punto 2b .180
J. Beckett 4.06

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Best case scenario.

Bases loaded. No outs.

I’ve seen this movie a few times.

SAC RBI for Chavey….


This is one of the few times we’ve capitalized on the bases loaded.

Picked a good one.

That’s it.

FANTASTIC first half-inning.

5-0. 30+ pitches for Beckett. We need to wreck the bullpen tonight for the double header.

NOW, the big question is whether Hiroki-san can summon the divine wind and shut down the Sox?

Bonzai baby.

Hiroki is pitching like garbage.

Surprise. Surprise.

This game is going to double digit runs on both sides…

Complete meltdown.

The Sox giveth, the Yankees giveth right back.


What in holy hell?? I had to put the kids to sleep and fit in a late night work call. I walk in to this. Unreal. All I’ve seen is a fast inning for Beckett and a quick two outs for Kuroda here in the 3rd. Seems they both took a wild route to get here.

Welll I don’t know about you, krueg, but this is exactly as I predicted the game would go through 3 innings.

Kuroda must be exhausted. He looks like just stepped out of a sauna.

A-Rod leadoff single. Hallelujah. I invest all my faith in Cano, Granderson, and Jeter these days.

Did you read the article on him in the NYT today AG? He can definitely handle a brutal night on the mound…

The article basically documents the Navy Seal training he somehow survived. Except he was in high school and it was at the hands of his baseball coach. It’s pretty ridiculous.

Wow.. just.. wow. →Kuroda piece in the Times.. hard to believe he and so many others go through that and take it. That sounds Absolutely F*cking Awful.

Side note. If you get a 404 error, it’s because I’m tweaking the permalinks so search engines won’t break… but I have to break this page for a minute to fix what I broke earlier…

What the F Chavez???? What the FFF??????? Nava played that horribly, there were n outs, and you ran into that??? How frustrating.

I have no idea what you do or how you do it, but go for it man. And thank you.

And Russell walks. Sure would be nice to have 1st and second with no outs right now, Eric.

Jeter GIDPs.

With the top of the Sox order coming, will Girardi actually send Hiroki “leadoff double” Kuroda back to the mound? Please no.

Girardi trying to milk Kuroda for everything he’s got. Unfortunately, so are the Red Sox. And they’re succeeding at it.

Kuroda gets a second out and Girardi mercifully brings in Logan to face Ortiz. I am not angry at Kuroda. he ha been very good for weeks. This just wasn’t his night. Fortunately for NY it wasn’t Beckett’s either so they’re somehow only down by one.

What ever happened to Ortiz’s supposedly-diminished bat speed? His hacks look as vicious as ever.

And the inning ends quite well despite my fears.

Kenny Loggins is pitching for the Sox. Take him to the danger zone Curtis…

Granderson walks. Kenny thought he had him – and it was a close one. Up steps everyone’s favorite punching bag.

And Aviles continues the evening of crappy baseball all around by bouncing the ball off the heal of his glove. Help us Obi Wan Cano-be, you’re our only hope…

Masive strikeout for Kenny right there. Ouch. Big ouch. Cano doesn’t like it but it was a much better pitch than the first strike that he had called on him in that AB. Up comes Teix.

After the game on YES is Charlie Sheen on the Michael Kay show. I may actually have to record. It’s embarrassing I know, but I slow down at car wrecks too.

The crowd is dead. These two teams seem dead. After 3 hours sleep last night I feel dead. This game thread is dead. Dead people are dead. Cats too.

2-2 to Teix. Chucky apparently shared sweat glands with Jason Giambi.

Teixeira hits it as far as you can possibly hit it without the ball going out. That was a bomb triple. Sweet.

Swish Ks so quickly and quietly I don’t think I even realized he was up. Ibanez up with 2 away.

Ibanez rips an RBI double. 9-7. Another 15 insurance runs should just about do it tonight so let’s keep the chain moving fellas…as Chucky gets the hook.

Chavez with another line drive to left, except he doesn’t run into an out this time. Ibanez scores and the Yanks are up by three. The worst hitter in the major leagues comes up. Come one Russell, break out of it….

Martin goes down even faster than Swisher did. He’s such a black hole right now. Great inning though. Now can the Yanks bridge to Robertson/Soriano…

Now Cody Ross hitting monster bombs. 10-8. I’m not going to be able to take this all weekend.

Logan is taken ballistic by Cody Ross. That ball just collided with the Higgs Boson particle somewhere in Switzerland. Wow. The Yanks are really excelling at immediately giving back whatever advantages they get in this game.

Logan made Saltalamacchia look as bad as Cody Ross made Logan look. Girardi going to the pen…

Keeping busy while watching the game is preventing me from going effing insane.

Robertson throws all fastballs and gets the K. Whew. More insurance necessary…

I hear you AG re: keeping busy. I’m writing a funding proposal in between watching this train wreck of a game.

That Keith Hernandez is having to hock gold coins for some seedy local outlet in Oyster Bay, NY makes me sad. I never particularly loved Keith Hernandez, but that is a long fall from grace.

Michael Kay: “Jeter is the only one still standing” talking about ARod and Nomar. That’s pretty awkward.

Kay just says Ray Allen is indeed signing with the Heat. Hadn’t caught that…wow. Having that shooter on the wings while Wade and Lebron attack the rim will be deadly.

And Cano grounds to Aviles. Bottom of the 8th. We need Robertson to be strong.

There’s Ortiz’ third hit. What more can you ask for from that guy. Pay that man his money.

I’ve gotten much more into basketball the last couple years AG after taking a hiatus from following pro ball for a good 10-15 years. Just a lot of great players and good team matchups to follow…

And Ortiz singles the other way. Robertson vs. Ross…

Soriano coming in with 4 outs left. Guess that, at best, we will be going extras.

Great. Robertson loses the zone completely and throws a 4-pitch walk. Girardi goes early to Soriano. First time of the year he’s done that, no? If Soriano gives it up now, it will be a massive gut-punch to reverberate through the rest of this series now that the Yanks have used pretty much every pitcher one day before a double-header.

I’m a Blazers fan which means perpetual disappointment. It’s Charlie Brown and the football, not to mix metaphors. But still, love the game.

Big big ground-out to Teix ends the inning. Soriano will have the bottom of the Sox order in the B9…

Check out the box score of the Cubs/Mets game.. Marmol did everything he could to give that game away but somehow the Mets still lost.

Ken: “Every Red Sox has an RBI, which means that the offense has done their job”

or that the Yankees pitching sucked pretty much all game.

Salty down swinging. Great work.. thought he was going to get away.

Soriano alternating between superb pitches and bizarrely wild worm-killers.

And it’s a win. Has to be the ugliest game of the year, but whatever. I feel less happy than simply tired and dazed. Happy Friday krueg, Gerbs…

Aviles is getting dusty standing there so the ump tells him to go back inside, even though the pitch was a bit away. Nice work by Soriano.

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