Acid Test: Sox-O’s Gamer I

The Red Sox have been the Orioles’ b*tches for a season and a half now. The Sox played .500 ball on the recent AL West trip and have also played .500 thus far in the following sally against their AL East brethren. They find themselves against a worthy opponent once again…at Camden Yards. Hopefully they find a way to take 2 of the next 4 against the AL East (facing TB Monday night at Fenway for the makeup of yesterday’s PPD affair) and stay right near the top of the division before beginning a swing against some fairly mediocre opponents for a month following. It would suck being behind, but even 3 games out at the end of July is hardly dying. And this from a team that was supposed to go nowhere!

It starts slightly in the Red Sox’ favor with John Lackey opposing Chris Tillman.

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  • wow, that’s a great big pile of failblog right there.

    Devine July 26, 2013, 9:46 pm