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Adrian Wastes No Time: Sox-Jays Gamer

Gonzalez hit a dinger off Kyle Drabek in the first inning to put Boston ahead right out of the gate.  Lester's on the mound for the visiting Sox.  Comment away.

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Sox look simply unstoppable again…I would be amazed that the (what feels like) disastrous Yankees are only one game behind in the loss column, but then again that’s what a 2-10 start will do.

This team wears pitchers out. It is impressive. I barely turned my head away from Gameday and the score vaulted from
3-1 to 9-1.

Blue Jays announcers talking about Pedroia’s intangibles. As if he wasn’t a fantastic player without whatever that is.
Can we now officially call this the Toronto massacre?

I know Adrian is the glamour pick, but is Papi close to being the team (offensive) MVP right now? It’s a contest, perhaps.

An audible “Boston sucks” cheer. That makes sense considering the Jays have been outscored 28-5 the last 16 innings.

Bad time for a complaint, but how much more evidence is needed to show that Mike Cameron isn’t really a major league ballplayer at this point?

Other then some bullpen depth, right field is our biggest hole, it maybe time to ditch Drew and Cameron and find someone to play there

More starts from Cameron is a nightmare. I can’t stand watching him play. I think Drew will get better. Not a bold statement.

Andrew, I have to say I think the 2-10 start is irrelevant at this point, a) because the Red Sox are playing 97-win baseball including that stretch, and b) because the Yankees endured a 3-9 stretch of their own in May, essentially cancelling the Sox’ start. The Red Sox and Yankees have played equivalent ball to this point, pretty much, and to point at the Sox’ start as the “cause” of other teams being in it is to ignore the play of other teams in the division and the Sox’ excellent play of the last 50 games, IMO.

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