Again, dear SF, your logic

Again, dear SF, your logic seems as convoluted as the Big Dig. Who exactly, is the aggrieved party in this situation? The Oriole fans? How were they better served by a game at 12:45 on a weekday afternoon during a storm, which most ticket-holders missed? Oriole players? They have no right to force the Yankee players to play a double-header, their second in 5 days, with no rest day. Oriole management? A League-imposed revenue-sharing settlement for a makeup game would have benefited them more than an afternoon washout with an attendance of +-2000. Conversely, let me applaud your celebration of those other Forgotten Ones, Carlos Beltran and Angel Berroa. Let me add Raul Ibanez to that list. A brilliant trifecta, and a glimpse of the increasingly Latin future of MLB. Other news: we would be remiss not to call attention to Bob Costas’s argument for a reformed playoff system in today’s NYT, though his plan seems, at least from this perspective, no improvement over the current modus operandi. In a nutshell, Costas laments that (a) the drama of the pennant races has been displaced by the lesser theater of the race for the wild card, and (b) the wild card winner is set on an even pedestal with the division winners, who should be given some greater reward for their accomplishment. His solution: move to an NFL-style system by adding a second wild card to each league. These two teams would then play a short playoff series for the right to face the League’s best team (according to record) in a best of 7 series in which the wild card would only have 2 home games. Even if you agree with the Costas diagnosis of a problem, it’s hard to see how his solution provides a reasonable remedy. If anything, the added wild card only diminishes the excitement of the playoff race. And there seems something inherently unfair about so stacking a series against the wild card, who may in any case have a better record than one of the division winners. And do we really need an additional playoff series? The Fall Classic is already too darn close to winter. You can’t have your cake and eat it, too. If you want three divisions, you need a wild card. The current system makes the most sense. Artificially penalizing the wild card team seems unreasonable, though you could force that team to play the best team, regardless of division affiliation. Back to year-end picks. Gosh these are hard this year. AL-MVP: A-Rod NL-MVP: Pujols AL-CY: Halladay More tk upon review of the #s.

Posted by YF on 9/21/2003 11:09:53 AM