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Aging Hipster

The 1973 $6 million man would cost ~$31 million in today’s dollars, which is what ARod pulled down last season. Unfortunately, Oscar Goldman is nowhere to be found and gentleman, we can rebuild him, but he ain’t gonna be better, stronger, or faster.

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Yep – surgery in January, at least half and possibly the whole season gone in recuperation. Love that contract. Loooooooove that contract. This guy is going to have the ugliest final few (though not few enough) years of a career in recent sports memory.

I cannot even imagine how hated this guy is going to be when it is all said and done. Would he even come to Old Timers Day? Would he get booed?

Just do the right thing and retire ARod.

I am reading about some trade Granderson, sign Hamilton stuff today. Really?

Acquisition of Napoli seems pretty solid. 3 years/$39m. Veteran coming off down year, good at Fenway (against Sox pitching, lol). Shouldn’t hamper the club.

Honestly, Ortiz/Gomes/Napoli signings have all been solid. Grab Swisher or, heaven forbid, Hamilton, and a starting pitcher, and let’s see what happens. Trade Salty and let Lavarnaway play? I’m assuming they’re going to let Iglesias sink or swim at SS.

Devine: Ortiz/Gomes/Napoli, I can look at those signings and see a plan. But add this Victorino contract to the mix and now all of sudden, it just looks like a whole lot of mediocrity. Obviously, there’s still more moves to come, but this seems like a team that will see a lot of 4th place for the next two years.

Oh man, and now I’m seeing they’re talking about trading Ellsbury for pitching? That probably makes sense, but an outfield of Gomes, Victorino, and maybe Cody Ross? Boring.

Victorino signing is the first one that makes NO FUCKING SENSE to me. Too much money and too many years for an okay outfielder. Maybe they’re paying for defense? Seems weird.

So no offers were offered to Chavez or Keppinger…something is going on. There is no way Cashman is going to sit on his hands or sign a bunch of veteran scubs. There has to be a trade on the way. I have a hard time believing that even with trying to get the budget down to $189 next year that they are willing to sacrifice a season or two.

Of course I don’t believe in Cashman so there’s that.

Made on offer to Kevin Youklis. Are you fucking kidding me?

Also talking to Mark Reynolds?

I just puked in my mouth a little.

I wonder if he would…interesting IH, very interesting.

It would not surprise me even a little if Hamilton ends up in Pinstripes.

The kind of drive that Youkilis so regularly displayed when playing for Boston seemed to be the sort of passion of which the Yankees had none in the Tigers series. Except when he was with Boston, I called it bitching.

Youkilis never bothered me as much as other recent Sox (Manny topping the lists, Pedro a close second, Varitek). He always struck me as the Sox version of Paul O’Neill – despicable to opponents but valuable to his own team and hardest on himself. I’m not even sure how true that is, but it has always been my perception of him. Of course, if he does come to the Bronx I’d like to be a fly on the wall of his first conversation with Joba.

As for Jeter & 3B, I was half joking, but only half. I don’t think an abbreviated spring training due to rehabbing from a broken ankle is the time to learn a new position. Having said that, there are many more options internally and on the market for a SS compare to a 3B, and it addresses what will very soon become a problem for them if they are planning to keep Jeter for another year or two beyond his current contract anyway. His limited range to his left would continue to get exposed but his vertical range has always been good – I could see him successfully charging many a bunt. Anyway, I don’t see it having a snowball’s chance in hell of actually happening, but it’s interesting to ponder.

The bigger issue for me is that this team is just very long in the tooth and while they’ve re-signed some important pieces, esp in the rotation, nothing they have done to-date this off-season has given much hope for renewal. Cashman keeps preaching patience. We’ll see.

Youklis is a Yankee. This is fucking crazy.

Heyman is reporting it on Twitter.


(I just puked in my mouth a little)

What’s next…cats and dogs lying together…Peace in the Middle East…Republicans NOT being completely racist/bigoted jesus freaks????

Welp, he’s going to put a hurtin’ on the Sox for a game or two, that’s for sure.

Good for you, Youk, on getting some cash and a chance to re-establish credibility on a contender. Hope your inevitable physical breakdown comes a little earlier this year, though.

Team AARP is coming together nicely. The good news is that they won’t have to change rosters on Legends Day at the Stadium.

I lol’d, IH…then I remembered that the Sox are likely to suck pretty badly compared to the Yankees.

I am detecting some negativity IH…stay strong brother. It’s all going to work out.

PS Are you guys watching the benefit concert? What a fucking lineup. Incredible. It’s like the ’98 Yankees in MSG!!!

“It’s like the ’98 Yankees”. This team actually IS the ’98 Yankees.

OK krueg, I relent. It’s just that this season feels to me to be shaping up as one long retirement party. Still looking forward to seeing what, if anything, Cashman is able to pull off this winter.

I need you to believe IH…you are my positivity yogi. You are the one that tells me that Cashman is a good GM. BELIEVE!

None of us saw Pineda coming last year so I have to think that once Ichiro re-signs, which I am STOKED about…replace Swisher with Ichiro is the greatest thing ever…then the wheeling and dealing can begin because the roster is pretty much set.

I don’t expect a WS win but winning the East? Playoffs? Absolutely.

I am tempering my ridiculous expectations. I just want to enjoy being a fan again and root for my team. I am trying to grow here IH and you are my mentor. Don’t give up on us!!!


Hamilton lands with the LAA for $125 mill over 5 years. Hamilton/Pujols in the meat of their order. Crazy.

I am really digging all this stuff I am reading about Ichiro wanting to be a Yankee and leaving money on the table from other teams.

Love it.

Ichiro, Gardner, Jeter, Mariano, CC, Cano. These players are all a real joy to watch, though Cano’s less-than-100% effort is very frustrating to see when it rears its head. And no, I don’t put Gardner in the all-star and likely hall-of-fame category as all the others of course, but I like his scrappy ABs and I like his disruption on the basepads. He is nowhere near the base-stealer that his speed should make him – they need to bring Rickey back to teach him a thing or two about technique – but speed is speed, and I love it. Ichiro, Gardner, Granderson makes for a lot of ground covered in the outfield, though not a ton of power in the line-up. Not sure what is still out there for Cashman to do in order to address that issue – not to mention land a catcher…

I like the additional speed Gardner will bring if he can stay healthy…more havoc on the bases with Ichiro too. Hopefully we won’t be as HR dependent this season. I still think Granderson is going to get moved. I have no idea for what? But he seems to be the glaring trade chip…plus Nunez maybe?

Wow, this site is d-e-a-d. Dead.

The SFs stopped posting when they started sucking. Now the YFs don’t even bother anymore.

Youkilis is a Yankee? Here’s laughing at you Paul and Andy.

Stephen Drew, 1-year, 9.5 mil (I think). So they WON’T let Iglesias sink or swim, one more year in AAA. Bogaerts threatening to usurp his place in the minor league system.

A bunch of solid, if uninspiring moves, all things considered. Napoli deal still might collapse. I hope they’d consider a 4-year for Swisher under those circumstances, maybe 4/$72?

Expect them to be just over .500 at any rate, nothing to see here.

PS I left off the Dempster signing, which I’m unenthusiastic about, but it’s only 2 years and he’ll eat innings if he’s healthy.

The R.A Dickey thing is good for the Jays (they are really pretty loaded for next year and may even be the favorite to win the division at this point), but as much as I’d like to pile on the Mets (what yankee fan doesn’t?), I think they may have made a smart move as well. Dickey is 38. Sure, he dominated with a pitch that some guys have proven able to throw well into their 40s, but that season was pretty anomalous for him and the Mets by all accounts are more than one or two pieces away from being a serious contender in the NL East. It’s always good to sell high, but anytime you do, fans and commentators beat you up. In the case of clear salary-dumps (hello Mr. Loria) that anger is justified, but the Mets, having just re-signed Wright for the rest of his natural baseball-playing life do not appear to be dumping and running. They’ve moved a pitcher – who may be the MOST anomalous Cy Young winner in history – and reaped a good haul of young talent in exchange. I am the first to hope it all blows up in their faces – and with the Mets, so much tends to do just that – but I think the ownership made a gutsy call here that could turn out very very well for them, even while it clearly benefits the Jays more in the short-term.

If I had been told on November 3rd, “The highlight of this off-season will be Youk signing as the Yankees’ projected starting third baseman”, it would have saved me the trouble of eyeballing the Yankees’ stove at all.

“Stay the course. Points of light.”

If that’s the Dana Carvey/Bush 1 reference I believe it to be, you are the man. But then again, we already knew that.

I’m not the man, but I met him once. He touched me on the shoulder and gave me my freedom. Actually, he said, “Leave Foot Locker now,” and told me I couldn’t keep the Brannock device I stashed in my pants.

Is this the MOST BORING AND TERRIBLE off-season in recent memory by the Sox or the Yankees? Meanwhile, the Dodgers and Halos are putting together the kinds of epic teams that used to be AL East purview.

At least I live in the right time zone to watch LA baseball because things are looking mighty thin in the Bronx with no answer except duct tape and bondo.

Yeah – that about sums it up. The Angels in particular would be a lot of fun to watch, if I didn’t hate them so. Mike Trout is probably the most exciting player to watch right now and they’ve got arguably the best right-handed and left-handed sluggers of this generation batting 3-4. Despite Pujols’ disappointing 2012, if he and Hamilton can stay healthy, that line-up should be dominating.

I feel like the title of this post needs more love, really. Also: pretty much yes in response to ag’s query.

PS The A-Rod photoshop is good for a giggle, too. The way it works with the hair is really nicely done.

I can’t wait to see the Trout/Harper OF combo in the Bronx in a few years…

In the meantime, I will bask in Ichiro re-signing. People are saying he is old, over-the-hill, best days behind him…to that I say, pppssssshhhhhhhhhhaw. Ichiro is going to light it up this year. Get his 3,000 hit next year. Love it.

By the way, Happy Holidays boys. We’re heading to Acapulco in the morning so I won’t be around next week to bestow Seasonal Greetings. I hope you guys get all the presents you wished for!

#28? :)

Hey ag.
Glad to be back. Was deployed for awhile, had a baby, and just got super busy with some real life changes!! Glad to see everyone is still around.
Plus – the minute the Sox hired he who must not be mentioned, I boycotted.

Welcome back Brad. Happy home-coming & happy fatherhood to you.

MLB and Players agree to HGH testing, meaning A-Rod’s numbers are about to fall off yet another cliff. Pretty soon he’ll be batting .120.

Sometimes I wish MLB was like the NFL in that indignation and fines only rise when the player dances inappropriately when crossing the plate after a home run or tweets about a bad call on the outside corner.

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