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AJ For The Tie: Rangers-Yanks ALCS Gamer IV

Burnett for the Bombers, Hunter for the Rangers. Not to mix my sports metaphors, but I sincerely hope that I am totally wrong in thinking that tonight’s game is going to be fun to watch in the same way that “Football In The Groin” had a football in the groin. Where AJ is the football. And the groin is the Yankees post season. Comment away.

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The fans missed it anyway…but the fans did grab his glove. Great job fans!!!

Drills Molina…he has lost it…in the 3rd…which is farther than I thought he would make it…1st and 2nd…no outs…walk and HBP…
Meldown imminent.

2 out triple for Jeter…let’s see if anyone can get a 2-out, RBI with RISP…
Of course, a 2-out, RBI with RISP is about as rare as fucking Bigfoot but whatever…

Walk…2 on now for Hamilton…all this after having 2 strikes with 2 outs on Andrus…now we are fucked. THIS is where AJ falls apart…with 2 outs.

Gardner almost makes a great catch in the stands…stupid fucking fans got in the way…deny the catch. How can you be so stupid in that situation for your OWN TEAM!!! MORONS!!!
This will come back to bite us. Would have been the 3rd out on 1 pitch.

Weak-ass grounder to 3rd…almost hits into a DP…out at third and now Tex appears to have pulled a hammy…out of the game…0-14, We’re fucked.

Left a ton of guys on base…nothing to show for it…Tex out…another leadoff single…what fucking hope do we have at this point? AJ throwing balls…Joba up in the pen…awesome.

…AND there it is. IBB to get to a garbage Molina. First pitch HR.
Game over.
Season over.
Fuck you Yankees. You are a huge fucking disappointment.

See…now they just crumble.
They make big pitches, we give up HR’s…
They get big hits, we ground into DP’s and K…
They have mental fortitude, we have marshmellow-y, soft vaginas where are balls should be…
I guess we really did miss Damon and Godzilla, huh???
Talk to you guys next year.

I know a lot of the blame is going to be on Girardi today for the IBB to Murphy, but it really wasn’t a terrible move. Murphy has an ERA+ of 115, and Molina’s is 60. He only hit 5 homers this year… what are the odds?
Aside from that, it’s absolute horseshit that they didn’t review the Cano homer. Thankfully it ended up not mattering in the end.

There was no reason to review the Cano HR…it hit a foot into the stands and when the player goes into the stands, he’s fair game. It was nothing like the ’96 HR where the fan reached into the field of play.
Regardless, we’re finished so fuck it.

The last 3 playoff games I attended were Game 1 of last year’s World Series (Cliff Lee’s complete game shutout of the Yankees), and the last two games in the Bronx. These were three of the most depressing, embarassing, humiliating Yankee post-season losses in my memory and they are now burned there together with Game 7 of the 2004 ALCS which I also sat through in the stands. I think I should stop mortgaging my house to attend these games.
Couple comments on last night’s game:
1. Girardi should not have walked Murphy – this is not monday-morning-quarterbacking…everyone with the exception of one moron in our section was up in arms over the move before Molina hit his 3-run HR. I don’t care what side of the plate they bat from. AJ has trouble keeping guys off base, he throws tons of wild pitches and hits guys, and he had already given more than a guy on a 3-week layoff could have been expected to. You simply do NOT give a free pass to the guy representing the go-ahead run in that situation. And it should not be a shock to anyone that Bengie Molina has power. He has demonstrated it against the Yankees again and again, from Anaheim to Texas.
2. Having IBB’ed Murphy, Girardi should NOT have kept Burnett in. He had done as much (indeed more) than could have been expected already.
3. The Yankees are not faintly in this series. Why? Exhibit A: No one is hitting the ball consistently well except for Robinson Cano. Our 3 and 4 hitters are the worst offenders – Teix 0-for-the-series and A-Rod having hit 5 singles total this October. Exhibit B: No one is giving playoff-caliber starting pitching other than Pettitte. CC has been horrible and somehow bailed out in both the ALDS and ALCS by the offense. Hughes had a great outing in the ALDS and one of his worst ever in Texas. Exhibit C: No one is giving dominant bullpen relief other than Dustin Moseley (once) and Mo (though he has barely factored in thanks to the holes they’ve dug themselves). Exhibit D: Joe Girardi has made poor poor decisions – especially last night.
If you combine no hitting, no starting pitching, a shaky bullpen, and poor management, you simply have no right to win a series. Their defense has been pretty good all post-season with a couple exceptions. But every other aspect of the game has been played outright poorly.

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