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AJ Is Twenty Million Bucks For A Buc

The Yankees will pay Twenty Million Dollars for AJ to pitch for the Pirates instead of the Yankees.

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AJ did one thing better than expected when the Yanks initially acquired him: he stayed off the DL and ate innings. Otherwise, I grew to despise his presence. I have rarely watched a more frustrating Yankee pitcher. A guy with very good stuff who would lose it so quickly in a game (wild pitch! walk! hit! wild pitch! and suddenly 6 runs are in with no outs) that you’d wonder if he had any mental toughness whatsoever. I am so pleased to see him go. I don’t wish the guy ill — for all his troubles he did not seem to have a bad attitude or blame others for his problems. But I am so so pleased that he won’t be on the mound for the Yanks ever again.
Oh, and Hideki Okajima was released from his minor league contract with the Yanks after failing a physical. Way to go out with a bang.

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