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ALCS Game 3: Yankees vs Angels

Not much needs to be said here other than keep on doing what you are doing boys.  Lineups after the jump.

Today's Lineups:


Derek Jeter SS
Johnny Damon LF
Mark Teixeira 1B
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Hideki Matsui DH
Jorge Posada C
Robinson Cano 2B
Nick Swisher RF
Melky Cabrera CF

On The Bump: Andrew Eugene Pettitte

Chone Figgins 3B
Bobby Abreu RF
Torii Hunter CF
Vladimir Guerrero DH
Juan Rivera LF
Kendry Morales 1B
Howie Kendrick 2B
Mike Napoli C
Erick Aybar SS

Pitching For The Angels: Jered "Don't Call Me Jeff" Weaver

340 replies on “ALCS Game 3: Yankees vs Angels”

Took a half day and I’m ready to rock. Let’s do this Andy.

What kind of fan base needs artificial noisemakers??? I mean, really??? How pathetic is that?
Like the stupid cowbells in Tampa…make noise with your voice and hands losers.

2 quick outs by Johnny and Tex…ARod strolls to the plate with 2 outs…Boo’s rain upon him but he doesn’t care anymore, he gets to touch Kate Hudson…

Bill Miller getting a little too excited. You don’t normally see guys getting punched out on strike 2.

Weaver’s having trouble locating his fastball. We may be seeing the Bugs Bunny curve all day.

Cano with men on base.. dum dee dum..
No Cano, please do not swing at those balls and help him out..

Cano with a FC, moves the runner to third, and managed not to GIDP. I say that was mildly successful.

Cano grounds into a fielders choice…lame…1st and 3rd, 1 out for Swishalicious…

One thing SFs and YFs can agree on: The umps this postseason have been an embarrassment. (What did Posada say when he was rung up on Strike 2?)

Not deep enough, especially not with Matsui running. Bah.
Two outs, and here’s Melky trying to cash in..

Swish pops up too short to score Godzilla…christ. Melky up with 2 outs, would really suck to blow this opportunity…

when are swisher and cabrera going to get a hit? they have practically been two automatic outs this entire postseason

Cano with almost the insane range to come up with that one, but no dice, Vlad with a leadoff single..

I’m like the Hulk Lar, it’s only a matter of time…the way this is going already.

Another DP to take the place of the one that did not happen. End of 2, 1-0 Yanks, but they better score a few more, just in case..

They stole a base…causing the fake noise to pick up some volume! Those SoCal folks can sure knock inflatable sticks together! Impressive!!!! Not.
Andy with another good inning, i.e. no runs.

Posada singles, and we have the same situation again – Matsui on second, Posada at first, no outs. Will Cano/Swish/Melky step it up on this do-over?
Weaver already up at 67 pitches.

Hip Hip single…1st and 2nd, no outs for the “bottom 3rd”. Time to do some damage boys, put these fools down now. Do it. You know you want to.

Cano does the same thing, with a FC, putting men on the corners. Worse is he did it in only two pitches..

went to a dance club in Kuala Lumpur (yeah I mispelled it probably) where the DJ started every sentence with “Party people!”
So, that’s what I’m doing now.
Alright, party people! Swisher needs to come through here.

A-Rod has more HRs (38) and more RBIs (82) in this ballpark than in any ballpark (other than those in Seattle, Texas, and NY that he has called him). He loves it here.

Scoscia said he feels like the Angels have momentum? Huh? Always positive, that’s an admirable trait.

Can someone please tell Pat Sajak to move. I can’t focus on the game with him behind the plate.

Swisher strikes out, essentially repeating his pop out from the other inning. Here’s Melky, the last of the group with another opportunity to redeem himself..
We’re up 2-0, but really.. wow. Really should be more.
Weaver at 75 pitches..

well that was scary. Abreu lines it but Damon is right there. Seemed like a hit off the bat.

AP said I don’t need a DP, I just need to pick off Hunter. I expected Hunter to run on that pitch, and obviously AP did too. Good job to get a key out..

AP gets out of it. Great job!
Top of the line-up needs to do some damage. Weaver has been practically asking to get lit up.

Seriously, the Yanks really need to blow the game out of the water so we don’t even need to use Mo. Mo has pitched every game thus far.
Not to mention Weaver isn’t even pitching a good game to merit it.
Jeter gave it a ride, but right at Abreu, deep to RF. A quick one pitch out.

wsell jeter doesn’t help build the weaver pitch count although he had another good swing. 1 pitch, 1 out

Nick – I thought the same thing, but he had a good swing on it, and being one of the few people hitting well, who can blame him? Heheh..

I said it in April and in September and I’ll say it again – I love Andy in October. He knows how to pitch in big games, on the road, whatever. He bears down on the best of them, knows how to avoid big innings, and can pitch without his best stuff. In that inning he piched well around Vlad who already had a hit and is always dangerous, kept cool and went right after Rivera. He is no ace, but I’m thrilled to have him as our # 3 and would even be happy with him as the # 2.

But in either case, the score is “only” 3-0, and I would love it if they can score just a few more.. I’m greedy, but might as well!

Hey look – with Damon’s AB the chances of geting one run in this inning went up to 100%.

Matsui strikes out. A few moon shots and close calls, but they only scored one. 3-0 Yanks, Weaver at 95 pitches or so.

Sometimes you wonder what they are looking at when they swing at a pitch like that?
Well, I’ll take the “small” long-ball.

Matsui thought that pitch was breaking in, I guess, as he flails and misses
okay, Weaver has pitched very poorly and we have 3 runs to show for it. I’m thinking we should have at least 5.

Ya, I think Matsui just trying to foul it off, but it never came back in..
And Kendrick just jacked one. 3-1 game. If they don’t win this, they have the awful situational hitting to blame.

somehow i am so well trained in these things, that i actually do not hear the words mccarver says. it’s like pops and fizzles when he speaks.

Notice that the ball slows down from the time the pitcher releases it until it reaches the plate.
Also, buy my CD.

Andy has pitched well so far even with the Kendrick shot. The Yanks need to go off now. I expect big things from Swisher this inning. Call it a feeling. But it’s more than a feeling.
More than a feeling.
More than a feeling.
I just love the idea that he put that down on a sheet and called it lyrics.

Definitely not bad. 3-1 end of 5. AP at 68 pitches.
Yanks still need to destroy Weaver just a little bit more. Say, a HR or two with people on would be nice. Or just tons of hits.
This is probably Weaver’s last inning, if he’s even going back out there..
Just as I said that, Darren Oliver, the old lefty, is up to pitch.

Abreu finally with a hit, this time with 1 out on a 3-2 pitch, and AP will face Hunter with Abreu on base.

Stay away from Vlad. He may be outclassed by 94-mph fatballs now, but he will still kill 88-mph fastballs and hanging off-speed pitches.


We had many chances to put them away…now it’s going to be a fight down the stretch.

Why the hell would you give him a fastball down the middle? Make him swing at stuff on the dirt!
Still, the Yanks gave AP little margin of error because they had no timely hitting thus far..
And now Rivera pops out harmlessly, but the damage is done, the score tied, 3-3 end of the 6th.

Why give Vlad anything to hit? He’s looked washed up the whole series.
The Yankees will get those runs back, I’m not worried. We will gnaw on the bones of the Angels’ pen.

Screw it – we had to know that beating these guys in their park would be a dogfight. Andy is our #3 and he’s handing off a tie game in the 7th. I’ll take it. I’m pissed that we let Vlad do it because I feel like we shouldn’t mess with him but it’s OK. We just need one run and a strong outing from our better-than-theirs bullpen. Besides, we can’t rob A-Rod of another chance for heroism.

top of the line up. god knows this is when we can score runs since jetes and a-rod are here.

man, i’m optimistic but the yanks should be winning this by a few runs. the offense has been asleep for 5 straight games now.

Mad Dog Russo was predicting an effective end of the ALCS and Yankee WS rings after the ARod homer… Jinx?

Hudson – no, I think he means that the Yanks will now lose.
Bah, top of the lineup, nothing going.

Kendrick crushes one the other way, and Swisher was unable to pull it down for a triple. This is it, with one out. Can they do what the Yanks cannot?

Izturis got the call, and Joba gives up a deep sac fly, essentially doing what Swisher was unable to do. 4-3 Angels.

Mike Scioscia’s superlative managing picks up the run there, but I can’t believe he pinch-hit for Mike Napoli again.

Well done Marte…alright bats, you’ve been sitting up there holding your dicks for long enough today. SCORE SOME F-CKING RUNS YOU LOSERS!!!! F-CK!

Figgins lines out. Okay, time to pick up the slack.. didn’t get it done when they had the chance.. and now..

Now all Yanks have to do is rally against Jepsen, who is nasty. It should not have came to this. Bah.

HUGE WALK BY GODZILLA!!!! Pinch run some speed and let the games begin!!!!

Gardner will come in. Jepsen stays in, with Posada up.
I would like a steal to prevent the DP please.

Still, tied game, let’s hold them this inning. Obviously crucial. Probably Fuentes vs JD, Tex, ARod next inning..

The bats did their job this inning. There will be more chances to feast on the Angels’ bullpen.

Ya, Jepsen found the right time to find the plate, though helped out by Melky. The guy just walked and pitched wildly, why the hell would you help him out? Got a little pie-envy there or something.

The Melky at bat might have turned me on him forever. Just a very stupid approach to a guy who wasn’t throwing strikes.

Great throw by Melky, and Jeter on another heads up play. Love Tex going to 2B.
Though he would’ve thrown out even if he did not stop and went to third. He was caught in nowhere.

Fat Bobby screws the pooch in a huge way…ha. ha. ha.
That was crazy.

Nick – ya, I’m a huge Abreu fan (as I keep saying over the years) but ya, I’m glad he made that out!

By the way, anyone else think it’s time to stop putting Coke in high leverage situations? What’s his function ewxactly?

I’m stuck at work because the game is on, and I don’t want to miss another moment of this. I will stay as long as needed, as long as the Yanks win.
Coke does his job, kind of, and Hughes is now in.

Melky with a pretty strong throw, and yet again Jeter as the second cut off man. I know, bah bah bah intangibles.

And of course, Tex for backing up second, which he should, but ya.
Still not out of the woods yet. Tie game, Hunter is up.
And then down on a 3 pitch strike out.

1-2 pitch was a FB that was just a little outside. Not bad if he could locate it. Gave me a heart attack.
Well, maybe he still will..

And Hughes does what AP should’ve done, curveball almost on the dirt. Of course, Vlad hits that one anyhow, and a close grounder to ARod three outs.
Sudden death baseball, here we come!

Tex swung at one in the dirt. He’s really in some funk, or maybe trying too hard to hit one out. Awful swing there.

He looks awful at the plate. Just plain awful. No way ARod does it again…

I say let Hughes go back out there.
Wow, they are IBB’ing ARod. Makes sense, with two outs, and Gardner up to the plate.

You need to get 3 more outs in either case, save situation on the road, so ya.
Hopefully it will not come to that. Morales is up.

Okay, wasn’t that high, still at least a base hit..
Kendrick pops out, and extra inning we go. Posada, Cano, Swisher. Basically Posada and the black hole bunch.

Hughes actually only 16 pitches. What do you do?
Well, if they have the lead, it’s simple. Let’s make it a simple decision for Joe G.

And Bulger got Posada on a filthy curveball. Came all the way back from 3-0.
Blackhole bunch coming up.. prove me wrong!

The Yanks have really done nothing against this bullpen of the Angels, for the most part.. it’s time to change that. If they get to go again.

That should do it…sucks to be on the other end of these walk-pff deals.
CC tomorrow.

Mo is coming in. If they’re going to lose, they’re not going to let Hughes lose it. Well, he’ll get a loss if they lose, but ya.


Unfortunately, Mo will not pitch the bottom of the inning. I guess that’s Ace’s spot, but let’s win this..

It looked like Cervelli’s strategy was to swing and miss at a pitch that would get away from the catcher. Sort of what my strategy would be.

Too many innings in these games, and I left my Big Book of Baseball Cliches at home.
Maybe if I don’t say anything, the game will still go on…

interesting move by General Joe. You’d think you want to extend these pitchers as much as possible.

And with two outs Joe G overmanaged a loss.
But not all the blame is his, the Yanks did not hit.

well, that sucked. Turns out Girardi made the wrong decision. Oh well.
Jeff Mathis is a hitting machine suddenly.

I cannot understand why he took out Robertson?
Well, so much for a quick series. Now we could be fucked.

We need another huge game from CC tomorrow…maybe some timely hitting too.
Fuck, that sucked but win tomorrow and it’s all good.

Was just about to ask if you guys were OK that Girardi gave up the DH and … ooops, doesn’t matter.

Poor managing in this one, hitting wasn’t so bad. Taking out Gardner (who can hit) in favor of Hairston (who would have been more valuable as pinch hitter later – instead of Cervelli). Bringing in Joba in the clutch when he hasn’t been used this way all season. And taking out Robertson, what the hell was that about?

On the other hand, now that there won’t be a sweep there’ll be less dead time before the World Series.
And yes, we are still beating the Angels to get to the Series.

Probably, but that was rough, considering the Yanks had way too many opportunities to score, and only did it via the long ball. Couple this with a Weaver who was begging to get smashed.. sigh.

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