ALDS/NLDS Saturday Gamers: A’s-Tigers, Reds-Giants

Game 1 LDS action! Oakland and Detroit kicks things off at Comerica with Jarrod Parker facing Justin Verlander. Detroit have an anemic 87-win division title and so what: they have The Ace Of All Aces on line tonight and arguably the best hitter in the game as Cabrera knocked the dust off of that 45-year-old crown. Detroit was three games out in mid-September, when mrs. gerbil (a Dee-Troit native and Tiger fan) asked me if her team had a chance of making the playoffs. I replied authoritatively, “No way, Chicago will run away with it.”

What I failed to do was look and see that the Tigers’ last 13 games were against KC and the Twins. The Tigers murdalized those bums, and while the PaleSox had the Royals, they also had to deal with Tampa and the Halos in that same stretch, and deal they did not. Meanwhile, the Athletics played .500 ball the first half, but won at a .671 clip in the second half. That’s the best of any team in the playoffs. This should be a fun series.

Let’s look at the 1st/2nd splits

Team             1st  2nd
New York        .612 .588
Baltimore       .529 .623
Detroit         .512 .579
Oakland         .500 .671

Washington      .590 .620
Cincinnati      .533 .649
St. Louis       .535 .553
San Francisco   .535 .632

Side note: I choose to ignore the “one of these things is not like the others” split and remember that it is all down to who can win three first.

Later tonight, likely NL Cy Young winner Johnny Cueto starts for the Reds, while Matt Cain goes for the Giants at Candlestick. It’s just easier to call it that than know which TelCo currently owns the naming rights, not that that matters because “myPhone don’t work in AT&T Park.” That’s a good thing. You’re at a ball game.

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