Alex Rodriguez: Your AL MVP

The voting is in, and the voters have (for the first time this year) chosen wisely: A-Rod is the AL MVP, winning handily over Papi by 16 to 11 first place votes. Manny came in 4th, with the Yankee trio of Sheff, Mo, and Jeets rounding out the top 10.

The choice was clear, and if you don’t trust us, you might have more faith in Rich Lederer of the Baseball Analysts. Based on his “Quad” scoring system, A-Rod was a “no brainer.” (Interestingly, Jeter ranks 8th in that scale, ahead of Guerrero, Sheff, Tejada and others.)

Congratulations Alex.

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  • Yeah. Take the second most important player on his OWN team, and then give him the MVP. Makes sense to me. Hey, who the hell voted for Jeter? Does Kaat get a vote or something?

    brad-sf November 14, 2005, 5:33 pm
  • Right choice, I agree, but is YF’s deployment of the term “handily” done with tongue planted in cheek? Or is it just his terminal insecurity coming out again? In my world, 16-11 isn’t a very handy margin (not that it matters, it’s just semantics at this point).
    As for A-Rod, I bet he wouldn’t trade 5 of those MVP trophies for one ring. Or is it the other way around?

    SF November 14, 2005, 7:02 pm
  • A-Rod’s more important to the Yanks than Mo. Sometimes painful things have to be said.

    Nick November 15, 2005, 7:49 am
  • Brad SF –
    1) By your logic, Manny shouldn’t be 4th.
    2) Where’s my money?
    SF –
    A-Rod wins the MVP and the best you can do is quibble over adverbs? Thanks for being such a gracious loser.
    PS: A-Rod got 45% more votes than Ortiz. I think that qualifies as “handily.” With a similar vote in New York City (Bloomberg 59%, Ferrer 39%), Bloomberg set a New York City record for margin of victory.

    john yf November 15, 2005, 8:31 am
  • Uh oh. I just saw the vote was 331 – 307, not 16 – 11. At least I admit when I’m wrong.
    Now, where’s my $10?

    john yf November 15, 2005, 8:41 am
  • Where’s my money? Where’s my $10?
    John YF, you must have a lot of nerve to criticize SF for being ungracious in defeat. For someone so morally high ‘n’ mighty as you, it’s the least you could do to be gracious in victory.

    Sam November 15, 2005, 9:03 am
  • I have a t-shirt that says “a-rod slaps balls.” It may not be gracious, but it is true.

    mattymatty November 15, 2005, 10:08 am
  • Wow, I didn’t think I was being ungracious at all, just questioning whether such a close vote really qualified as A-Rod “handily” winning. I would think I would come under the same fire under opposite circumstances for saying that Ortiz was a “comfortable winner”.
    And what’s ungracious about saying that the classless cheater Rodrgiuez was fully deserving of an award that will surely stoke this team cancer’s limitless ego?
    (that was a joke, John, FYI)

    SF November 15, 2005, 10:41 am
  • “Where’s my $10?” isn’t ungracious. Welching on a bet is (and the bet wasn’t about A-Rod or Ortiz).
    I read Papi’s stats on clutch hits. Pretty impressive, I admit. But THIS YEAR he didn’t do it at the end of the season, and having read Boston Dirt Dog’s sore loser comments, I can say he didn’t carry the team to the Series again.
    One player never can do it all. One of the interesting things about winning the World Series is HOW MANY players do GREAT things. For the Sox in 2004, Ortiz, Schilling, Foulke, Pedro, Lowe, Manny, Foulke … all played out of their skulls. That’s what it takes. Neither the Yanks or the Sox had that this year, although the Yankees had a great and memorable September.

    john yf November 16, 2005, 10:03 am
  • What are you talking about, John? Your “welching on a bet thing” is a non-sequitir – I DIDN’T BET YOU ANYTHING but you called ME ungracious. If you would just re-read your own post you’d understand why you got this reaction from people. Including Sam, who seems to be a reasonable Yankees fan.

    SF November 16, 2005, 10:22 am
  • If I may try to clarify the disagreement. I think John is asking for money owed him by brad-sf regarding the cashman bet made mid-season. He asked for the money from brad earlier in the thread. And reposted the question in addition to words directed SF’s way. I think that’s what happened.

    Nick November 16, 2005, 10:30 am
  • I forgot one essential thing: john yf is convinced that sf is brad-sf.

    Nick November 16, 2005, 10:31 am
  • We’re not the same person. End of story. Enough with the fantasies.

    SF November 16, 2005, 10:35 am
  • Sorry John,
    I did not welch intentionally. I put the envelope in the visor of my car and let it completely slip my mind. It’s in the mail right now.
    Again, sorry.

    brad-sf November 16, 2005, 6:16 pm

    TOM March 22, 2007, 5:55 pm

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