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All Apologies: Sox-Yanks Gamer

After being penciled in as the #7 poster at this site, I told YF I was taking this series off. I needed a day to clear my head, I said, though I also emailed Paul to tell him my carpal tunnel was acting up a touch. Never mind that I sent that email a day after the series started, and I typed it.

Nonetheless, despite having a young Sox blogger waiting in the wings threatening to take my spot here at YFSF (Isaac can now navigate a keyboard) I have decided to offer regrets for my actions and am happy to return to the fold as a top poster. A little older, a little wiser, I beg you all to forget this incident and chat about the game tonight.

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Elsbury has been just raking this whole year, it is going to be tough to move him out of the lead-off spot to try and move Crawford in there. I figured Tito would have at least put Crawford into the 6 hold bad move JD, Lowery and salty down in the order

Garcia’s stuff looks unimpressive to me. Yet he’s done well so far, so maybe my eyes lie. It seems like he should be getting creamed.
Not that I’m complaining.

Garcia is just a junkerball pitcher who gets by because he has good location with his junk. Though that was one of the few fastballs he’s thrown and it was right down the middle.

We’re 1:10 into this game and it’s the bottom of the third and 8 runs are in.
Me thinks we are in for a really long, really crappy game, and none of us cares to stay up the the final out on a Sunday night.

Supposedly Girardi didn’t like that he was getting phased out and replaced by Jorge back then. When Girardi became the manager a few years back there was a lot of speculation regarding how their relationship would go.

From Twitter:
jaysonst Jayson Stark
Saltalamacchia’s HR means there’s only one team left with 0 HR from its catchers this year. That would be Joe Mauer’s #Twins.

And in an effort to soothe my seething rage I flip to Caddyshack jjust in time to catch the swan lake synchronized swimming pool scene. I may not return to the game. This is much more compelling viewing. Not to mention that Spaulding would do better with RISP than any current Yankee not named Curtis.

From Twitter:
LouMerloni Lou Merloni
Rivera paints away to Gonzo, smart.He knows he’ll face him again with game on the line and then he’ll show him the cutter in. Why show now?

Curtis, Teixeira, A-Rod due up with Cano next if someone gets on. This is as good as the Yankees could hope for down by 2. But the way the last 3 on that list are playing, it ain’t much hope. And yes, “dooty, dooty!” Comes to mind in this context as well…

moron with sombrero and Red Sox jersey in the stands…
Papelbon set Curtis up well. And the Teix immediately pops up because that is all he can do these days. If you combine Jeter and Teix right now, you’d get tons of line drives.
And A-Rod trying to keep hope alive…

Well, it took a quarter of the season…but great teams can play .500 ball for two months (the ’04 and ’07 teams pretty much did). I think this team has a bit more flaws than one would hope, but Beckett’s resurgence and A-Gon’s utter awesomeness have me hoping for a 95-win season still.

“My neice is the kind of girl who has a certain…zest for living…I’ve sentenced boys younger than you to the gas chamber. Didn’t want to do it. Felt I…owed it to them. The most important decision you can make right now is what do you stand for for Danny?? Goodness or badness?”
And that single speech has given me more joy than the entire 4 hours of baseball that preceded it.

Late to this one, but a serious question: why does Posada get a standing O for quitting on his team and then apologizing? Pity?

No SF, he got it as a symbol of support from a fanbase that wanted him to know that it’s behind him as he struggles with the worst period of his career. Nothing more, nothing less. Good for the fans in my opinion. The guy did one stupid thing that put himself before the team for a 5-hour period out of a 16-year career of superlative performance and hard work. Having embarassed his team and himself, he apologized the next day and admitted he’s struggling. Not the extended soap opera you were hoping for?

Wasn’t hoping for a soap opera at all.
Just seems like a double standard from a lot of fans considering the flak some Sox fans got for cheering for Manny at certain times. I realize Manny had a far more checkered history, so am not blind. But if it were me I would have just kept silent. No booing (I don’t boo), just silence.
In any case, I am actually pleased this is resolved: I would rather see Posada regularly than Montero. So this result is just fine.

In Manny’s case change “5 hours” to something closer to “5 months”, or more. What was an anomaly in Posada’s lengthy career was a recurring character flaw in Manny’s.

I just don’t know why he deserved a standing O. For asking out and then apologizing?
I find the fragility of athletes’ egos astounding sometimes, but find the herd idiocy of fans even more so. The same fans that cheer Manny after his awful behavior boo Mariano Rivera after a couple of rough outings who cheer Posada after acting like a teenager in Babe Ruth League. I know the noisiest fans cover up the work of the quiet, thoughtful ones. But it still rubs me wrong at times. Last night the best treatment for Posada would have been the normal respectful cheers he gets when coming up in a sport where the Yankees needed a baserunner, and louder cheers when he reached base.
This isn’t a Yankees thing at all. And I totally realize I am hopelessly naive and sound like a guy yelling at kids to get off my lawn.

If I were at the game last night I would have clapped for him when he came up but would have stayed in my seat. I then would have turned to my brother – or whoever I was at the game with – in the midst of the raucous ovation, and sarcastically said “Wow, guess he should pout and stomp his feet more often”.
Now, part of this is absolutely a double standard fan thing. I don’t mind fellow YFs getting on Posada for what he did the other day, but when fans of other teams – esp fans who have been rooting for his failure and the failure of all things Yankee – get on him, I get into circle-the-wagon mode. Does that make me part of the idiot-herd? Perhaps. But it’s also entirely human nature.
Pretty much everybody in Iraq hated Saddam Hussein. But when a foreign country invaded, occupied the country, and trumpeted “Mission Accomplished” from an aircraft carrier, alot of those same people felt more humiliation and resentement for the outsider than relief at having been liberated from an autocrat’s rule.
I don’t mean to drift back into politics here…we can keep it to sports. If a guy is performing horribly, or is otherwise acting like a bum, I have little problem with fellow fans letting him hear it. Especially if – like Rafael Soriano – he has not built up any reservoir of good will based on performance as a Yankee. But I have trouble not seeing opposing fans who are jumping on the same player – and encouraging YFs to do the same – as jackals waiting for a wounded Yankee to fall by the wayside so they can pounce and devour.

i understand your point sf, but most fans are not as informed or educated about the game as you and me…even with that, we act like morons at times too, and react to events or situations with puzzling weirdness…by the way good to see you got your sense of humor back…i am now in the place you were after the first 10-20 games, and you are where i was…you should be feeling as good about your team right now as i feel bad about mine…sigh

“…But I have trouble not seeing opposing fans who are jumping on the same player – and encouraging YFs to do the same – as jackals waiting for a wounded Yankee to fall by the wayside so they can pounce and devour….”
well said IH…i’m in the circle of wagons with you…while i understand why sf is scratching his head over the fan reaction, i would have probably stood and applauded with the rest of the fans…i mean isn’t his the team that gave nomar “nomar day”, after winning 0 championships, and essentially behaving the same way as jorge sans the apology?…i’m for giving the guy a mulligan on this one…he’s been an important part of this team for too long, and it’s his passion for the game and winning, and pride, that gave him that fleeting judgement cramp…and if these other fans were being fair, they have to give guys on other teams a break when they have personal issues outside of baseball…jorge’s not exactly immune to family concerns either…i’m not inside the guy’s head, but to assume he was just being petulant is unfair…

Buster Olney just posted this:
Essentially, NYY front office, he says, is pissed at Jeter for backing Posada.
So apparently we do have our soap opera.
Two thoughts:
1. Big Stein so often spent wildly and irresponsibly. Cash wants to end that. This headbutting between the FO and Posada/Jeter was bound to happen. This is what happens when a team tried to be smarter withits money. This never would have happened before, and now the Yankee old guard is reluctantly realizing that times have changed. And there’s a part of me that’s wondering of the Jeter 3000 chase isn’t a bit – a little bit – like Fisk’s pursuit of the catching games record while with the White Sox. Pudge got the record, then he got released.
2. Posada. I think the standing O was an emotional reaction by NYY fans to let Posada know how much they have appreciated him. It was just a moment, and with the exception of his Saturday hissy, he’s earned it. No need to read too much into it, even if this story isn’t over yet.

dc, re: your Nomie analogy – I think you’re right on.
When fans love a player, they tend to be very forgiving. Short memories are the order of the day. Cognitive dissonance, os someone said a lot relative to the Manny antics. Right or wrong, that’s what being a fan is all about.

get back to work bill… ;)
thanks for the olney link, but i can’t help think this is just more of buster’s bluster…making mountains out of molehills is job security for sportswriters…is there some tension between the aging yankee players and the front office?…yep…was jeter using this to take a jab at the front office for the way he was treated during the off season?…yep…both jorge and jeter need to realize that they are way overpaid, enjoying contracts that they would never have received from other teams, in large part due to their legacy of performance, results, and goodwill…both sides are merely posturing, sending harmless messages…this will blow over…if george were still alive, i’d swear he’s behind this…his theory was that it takes a little controversy to spark a team that seems to be floundering…

Lunch break …
Most of this, I believe, is being driven by the Yankees team struggles. And like the April Red Sox, I don’t think the May Yankees are as bad as they look right now.
However, I do wonder, are these Yankees like the 2010-11 Celtics, talented but old in the wrong places?
With all due respect to Jeter, do they need a younger player to take over the de-facto captaincy from Jeter?

“do they need a younger player to take over the de-facto captaincy from Jeter?”
Re: an actual Captain, the Yanks have not always had one and very well might not name another immediately after Jeter’s retirement.
Re: the de facto captaincy as you say, I don’t see anyone being able to take over from the leadership that a Jeter (and Posada, and Mo) have by rights of performance, longevity, success – and that would be the case in any clubhouse. But those older guys do have to learn – and I believe already have – to be a little more forgiving and less “gate-keeper-ish” to allow a team’s identity to form a bit in its own way (as it did in 2009 when Posada and Jeter had to learn to accept things like pies-in-the-face on walk-offs even though it clearly was not their preference, and emotional-Joba, etc.).
In the late 90’s those guys, together with Tino, O’Neill, and Torre, etc. would have squashed that stuff. By 2009, Cashman was explicitly telling the veterans to loosen up and help get rid of the perception that prospective players (like CC) had that the Yankee clubhouse was no fun, too corporate, etc.
In short, Jeter’s comment after the epic collapse in the ’04 ALCS – “this is not the same team” – had to give way to Cashman’s admonition that it will never be the same team (as in the 90’s) and that’s fine. New teams with new approaches and characters can – indeed must – win too.
And so are there other voices of leadership in the clubhouse emerging? Perhaps. Maybe CC. Maybe not. All I know is that leadership bona fidas come from delivering on the field, and right now, who possibly has such cred other than the old guys who have it from the past and a couple guys (Curtis, Russell) who are relatively new to the mix?
As for “soap opera or not”, Jeter is Posada’s closest friend and vice versa. Based on Jeter’s track record I’d be shocked if he didn’t 1. Back Posada publically and 2. Tell Posada privately that he really needed to make amends, and fast, with both Girardi and Cashman, for the good of himself and his legacy and for the good of the team. I think dc is exactly right that this simply does not qualify as on-going drama, unless you string every event that has to do with the uncomfortable ageing of Yankee superstars together as one big drama. But then I think that would say more about your perspective and fandom than about anything truly happening in – or dragging down – the Yankees’ internal dynamics. (by “you” I mean generic “you” and not anyone in particular here).

From a Sox’ fan perspective, the best thing that could happen is that everyone makes amends and Girardi keeps penciling in these aging vets in the lineup, at least the way things are going so far.
I don’t mean that as antagonistic – only that if the players are truly showing their age, declining, then the best thing their rivals can hope for is the continued declining and very regular appearance of said players. Anything that speeds their departure and accelerates their replacement with potentially moreproductive youngsters should be frowned upon.
I imagine Yankee fans would be thrilled to see the Sox send John Lackey out every fifth day until he’s 2-15 with a 8.00 ERA, instead of replaced sooner.

“…I imagine Yankee fans would be thrilled to see the Sox send John Lackey out every fifth day until he’s 2-15 with a 8.00 ERA, instead of replaced sooner….”
yep, i can’t get angry with you sf, even as we were pretty gentle with you guys during the first 15 games or so, i can appreciate your re-found boldness…but i have to agree with you that i like seeing lackey’s on field struggles, crawford’s “deer in the headlights” style both hitting and in the field, tek and his .164 batting average becoming beckett’s personal catcher, and the laser show being just a bit dimmer…just so lackey doesn’t feel alone, we can toss wheeler and jenks under the same bus…like i told you awhile back, it’s still too early to count anybody out yet…while this recent stretch of yankee baseball has been painful to watch, they are at least getting men on base, and are a timely hit or 2 away from winning some of the games they’ve lost…sometimes it happens that way…heck even mo blew 2 saves in a row…yes, he’s aging, but is he declining?…if they continue the way they have for a longer stretch, and perhaps even find themselves with no reasonable chance of contending, then i will start to entertain the notions of age and decline as being the primary reason for this malaise

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