All Dressed Up

In his Uni Watch column, our pal Paul Lukas gives us a rundown in all that is new for the Yankees (patches) and the Red Sox (a revamped logo), sartorially speaking. Just don't get him started on the Mets. 

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I like the Sox’ changes. A little bit of a retro feel but without feeling too historicist – it’s clean, somewhat modern in fact, and avoids overt nostalgia. The logo is more unified, with the red letters surrounding the logo, instead of the odd blue “Boston” and the red “Red Sox”. Good changes, in my book.

The Sox’s uniform changes are 40 percent more retro than the Yankees.

The best part of the article was after the article, the sponsored link that stated that the average Red Sox fan’s IQ is 126. I wonder if that includes the WEEI callers …

I probably wouldn’t have noticed the changes (other than maybe the usual “something seems off”) if it wasn’t pointed out.. looks a little weird though, not a big fan of the “skinny” letters. The nameplate obviously makes sense.

I like the Sox change. Looks good. THe Yanks inagural logo looks good too; but after following the Mets’ logo pretty much anything would have seemed phenomenal.

I knew Paul back in his Beerframe days (we were fellow zinesters) and he was dating some person named Ana Marie Cox… who became my editor. Small world.

It’s going to take me a while to get used to that new Sox logo. Losing the blue and going to skinnier letters does make it more unified but it also makes it feel, I don’t know, emaciated. I think it’s just the shock, like when someone shaves off their facial hair for the first time since you’ve known them.

I agree with Paul, despite the uniformity I don’t like replacing the blue lettering.
Take a look at the Texas Rangers changes. The letter changes are god-awful.

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