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All Hallows Eve Eve

There is World Series baseball.  College football.  NBA.  Costumes, candy, and a general dread that if you aren't in the partying mood you are a curmudgeon.  Everyone's doin' it.  I've got an allergic reaction to Halloween when it's not on Halloween.

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i can’t think of one reason that the rangers come back and win this thing…well, other than that i just made that ridiculous statement…put my foot in my mouth every time….

Whatever disease the Twins had in the ALDS, which the Yankees then caught for the ALCS, the Rangers now seem to have contracted.
None of those series have seemed remotely competitive. The Twins got swept and even though the Yankees took two games from the Rangers in the ALCS, they never looked like they belonged on the same field as the Rangers — they won one game thanks to a single impressive inning by an otherwise dormant offense and they won the second game despite the fact that their ace got knocked around for a second time by a Rangers offense that simply pummeled the Yankees in every game of the series. More than any of the early exits from the post-season by the Yanks in the past decade, they seemed truly out of their league vs. the Rangers. That’s how the Twins looked in the ALDS vs. New York and that’s how the Rangers now look vis-a-vis the Giants. Now if the Rangers somehow win the next two games it will be a different story, but each of the three post-season series I’ve followed in 2010 have appeared to be utter mismatches. This post-season has been much less remarkable for great team match-ups than it has been for sterling individual pitching performances (Halladay, Lincecum, Lee, Wilson, Bumgarner).

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