All Wet: A’s-Yanks I Postmortem (Rain Delayed)

A passing storm put a big delay in the game last night. The Yanks went into it down 6-1, but came back to bring it to 6-5 when play resumed after the 1.5 hour break, before a pretty desolate stadium. That was as close as they got. The A’s dynamic bullpen duo of Kiki Calero and Huston Street (what names!) shut the door on the Yanks, with Alex making the last out. Derek DH’ed, still rehabbing his hand, which meant Cairo at short. It also kept wunderkind Andy Phillips on the bench. Darn. But of course the big story was Randy Johnson, who was lit up by a lousy A’s offense and then lost his composure on the mound, cursing and stomping around like a bratty teenager. John Flaherty, working the booth, explained that Randy actually needs a catcher to be up in his face the entire game, pushing him on, and keeping his mechanics straight. That’s sad for Randy. And it sure ain’t good news for the Yanks. Anyway, our sympathies to Jorge.

PS: HFS—Steve Karsay has a job!

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  • You forgot to mention the small (pun intended) positives: Small was very solid with 3 innings of no-run relief, if not for him, Yanks don’t even get the chance to come back. Also, Melky continues to impress with his patience at the plate, and A-Rod may be coming out of his funk (2-4 with an RBI, I believe). Not all is lost…but RJ’s mojo may be. Sigh.
    P.S. John Flaherty is an unexpected pleasure to listen to.

    yankeemonkey June 10, 2006, 10:07 am
  • Thanks for the assist YM!

    YF June 10, 2006, 10:28 am

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