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An Introduction to Curtis Granderson

And now a video for Yanks fans:

The music is not my cup of tea, but I like the part when Grandy hits the triple in the All-Star game.

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I f-ing love this guy. When he was a Tiger the Mrs. and I would pine over him every game we watched him in…
I cannot wait to see him patrolling centerfield!!

Corny as it sounds it gave me chill bumps. I have admired him from a distance, but now we get to appreciate him firsthand. He’s no Adrian Beltre, but he’ll do ;)

…and make MAD plays in CF!!!! I’m so pumped for this season.
38 days until Spring Training!!!
“He’s no Adrian Beltre, but he’ll do ;)”
Hilarious! :)

we’re all so gushy about out new boys…have to admit i didn’t watch either video entirely, but i see why the highlight reels get us excited…i just hope it all translates well to ’10…uh, for granderson that is, the heck with that bum beltre… ;)

I’m listening to Bill Simmons podcast with Jack-O, if any of you listen to it, and Bill is NOT stoked about Beltre. They are really giving the guy some sour marks. Essentially Bill is saying his Mariner friends were laughing at him saying he was a fraud…

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