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And So It Begins: Yanks-Sox Gamer I

Joba Chamberlain faces Jon Lester at Fenway Park in the first game of The Rivalry this season. I am of the opinion that this is the best possible match-up (screw the early numbers) out of the respective rotations to kick off the season series. These young men bring fantastic, tragic, triumphant, human story lines, personifying the anticipation of the promise of people growing into their roles — that gives me a shiver when I say it out loud — as “Starting Pitchers for the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees.” My hope is that this incidental and essentially extraneous gravitas will actually bear out in reality and we will be treated to one helluva game.

Lineups follow, comment away.

NY Yankees
D. Jeter ss .286
J. Damon lf .306
M. Teixeira 1b .222
J. Posada dh .286
N. Swisher rf .306
R. Cano 2b .367
M. Cabrera cf .304
J. Molina c .211
C. Ransom 3b .170
J. Chamberlain 5.06
J. Ellsbury cf .270
D. Pedroia 2b .286
D. Ortiz dh .220
K. Youkilis 1b .429
J.D. Drew rf .289
J. Bay lf .255
M. Lowell 3b .315
J. Varitek c .231
N. Green ss .312
J. Lester 5.50

399 replies on “And So It Begins: Yanks-Sox Gamer I”

in july we’ll all look back at this thread and go “nick green and cody ransom? wonder whatever happened to them.”
and they’ll be starting on the bucs.

The closed captioning on YES translated what I assume was “lymphoma” to “Lester overcame limp foam”. Or did he conquer some other disease I don’t know about?

The closed captioning doesn’t indicate how Tex was received – what happened? Boos, I assume, scattered and exagerrated as silence can’t overcome noise…

thought lester has jorge k’ed there.
not crazy about these red sox alternate jerseys.
and now he gets the swinging k on posada.

holy crap. ellsbury steals, ball gets past molina, and then ellsbury beats joba to the plate. 1-0 sox. joba slid on his ass there, way late covering.
now he walks pedroia

Not even through the first inning and it’s already the most interesting game of the season. Bummed I can’t watch (radio’s pretty good though).

BB to Youk. Joba maybe a little too pumped on adrenaline? Throwing extremely hard, but not quite hitting his spots. If he hits the spots, watch out.

i dont think that velocity is accurate, SF.
beauty 463 dp for the yanks.
getting out of that with just 1 is nice, but the pitch count is going to come back to haunt.
the sox are just a killer lineup. yikes.

Another highlight of the Yankees winning a game in a season the Sox won the Series. These producers are really onto something here.

Cabrera steals second…didn’t appear like anyone was paying attention, particularly Tek. And now another walk. Shitty pitching to the bottom of the lineup.

Jesus christ everybody in the stadium thought he swung. Didn’t look like it to me, but they sure tried to talk him into it.
It may have been high SF, but this is Yanks/Sox. Every somewhat borderline call is an MLB conspiracy to help the Yankees win.

ransom dogshit on a slider. kind of a half swing. awful. channeling aaron boone there. terrible ab. he struck out like 3 times!

michael kay just called ted w. “probably the greatest hitter ever.” wtf kay? BABE RUTH mean anything to ya? i know you’re in boston but dont forget who signs those checks!!!!!
meanwhile, leadoff 1b for bay to rightcenter.

yeah, ransom stinks. but he’s trying really hard? he’s nice to his dog? he makes a terrific souffle? what? he’s gotta be good at something, right? it’s not baseball.

I have this game on with no sound, which sucks. But Kay and company are just so brutally bad, I’d rather not have the sound on.

No, he doesn’t. The problem is that you have to listen to them both if you want to hear the sounds of the game. It’s like having a brilliant consomme with dollops of poop in it – the poop makes an otherwise delicious broth taste like shit. Sound remains off.

Ath – I’m listening online and the radio feed is fine. Not sure about the video though.

//horseface liarpants
I like that, it’s catchy. Almost as good as Slappy McBluelips.

Ahhh that sucks, SF. My feed just cut back on, I dunno what the problem was. The new has been anything but reliable for me this year.

Even on the balls Lester throws, he has great location and great movement. This Yankees lineup is so damn patient, even without ARod.

Swisher is just overall goofy looking to me.
Holy titf*cking christ Lowell with a top-10 play to save some runs.

Hey YF, there are still 6,000 fewer fans here then at any of the Yankees games this week! ;-)

At NYYfans and LoHud I bet at least one commenter says “he caught it before he was even diving, what a showboat”. Any takers?

Why the hell is this tall John Malkovich look-alike talking about the olympics in China?
Nick Green’s wearing his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle underwear tonight.

I don’t think a LoHud commenter has the mental capacity to comment on the qualitative nature of excessively flamboyant play.

Fastball up and in apparently gets the crowd riled up; then Pedro lines one down the LF line. Nice.

2b into the lf corner for the runt
Seriously!? Let’s get them all out of the way for you:
Peewee, mite, Herve, Dinklage, mini-me, shorty…should I keep going?

Okay, so here I would like another BB for Youk and then a granny for JD – The fantasy team, she is needing RBIs and HRs.

Rob – I wasn’t really expecting Papi to do a ton this year so I’m not overly concerned that he’s off to a weak start. I will be worried if he’s hitting .200 with a .400 OPS in June, though.

When do we START getting worried? It’s more like “when, or if, will we STOP worrying?”
Funny. I meant small sample size becoming significant, but fair enough.
Trying to get caught up on the thread. You guys are hilarious.

Drat. What a f*cking waste. Should have had one there, at least. Now all the fickle Sox fans will harangue JD, but it’s really on Papi.

A late chime-in here, but damn, Ortiz looks like he’s not even trying anymore. The Sox have a big, big decision coming up re: where to bat Ortiz. He’s killing them in the three-hole.

a 1-0 game but that hardly tells the story, to the extent that it suggests pitchers cruising.
sure wish we had a-rod, right yfs?

Do they really need all these guests every half inning? There is a baseball game to enjoy.

Jays winning 3-0. I refuse to believe they’re the real deal. The Royals? Sure. The Marlins? Sure. The Jays? Fuck no.

I think Lind and Snyder are going to have genuine breakout years. Dunno if their pitching will hold up though.

Lugo supposed to be back on Monday. I think he’ll bounce back, so this makes me happy.

If they keep this booth crap up I’m going to have to mute and going Sterling/Waldman. And I like Remy. But he isn’t saying ANYTHING.

Agreed Rob. Remy is all about the game, so he’s out of his element when he has to talk to people while the game is going on.

Trivia = Wettland. Had to check the year though – 1996.
We see your Nick Green and raise you Cody Ransom!

Lester looked unhittable to the actually good hitters in the Yankees lineup. How do you lose it against Melky/Molina/Ransom?
Just a flyball here, Jeter.

Who would have bet Lester of tonight’s SPs would have blown his wad early?
Don’t speak too soon.

Beat me to it Rob. Aside from Mo and Gossage, Wettland is really the only Yankee closer I’m aware of.
Another full count. Sigh.

Ah. Nevermind. Sorry for spamming the GT, although I guess this is the place to spam if there ever was one.

I’ve heard of Sparky Lyle, but didn’t know his position. Before my time.
Welcome rod, you brought the Jason Bay mojo with you! Lead-off double, Johnny Damon’s throw was PATHETIC.

Nothing like having my wife bring me dinner while my fat ass sits in front of the television.
Sorry, I had to brag.

joba blows a dp ball from green, pulls cano off 2nd and then cano can’t get green.
now juiced instead of inning over.
terrible. but that’s april baseball for you. crap.

HAHAHAHA Joba throws the ball high, the ump calls him safe at 2nd (rightly called), and Green is safe at home. What are the odds?
Lucky you Rob, I broiled myself a salmon fillet with some garlic-roasted potatoes and buttery green beans. Having a girlfriend that’s working on her master’s degree 24/7 sucks.
What the fuck double play bullshit.

So when does the concern about Ellsbury start? Gardner almost looks better at the plate.
Well, let’s not go that far.

Lester has been throwing his curveball for a strike VERY well tonight. Chopper to Lowell means one out.

I’m not trying to start anything – just an observation: Anyone else notice Ellsbury’s home/road splits?

Actually Andrew Ellsbury has been looking better at the plate–his numbers may not be reflecting it yet, but his approach is improved. And when he gets on the bases he’s a game-changer, as we saw earlier this game.

it’s hard to bench the leagues leading base stealer a year ago, but if he’s not getting on what does speed mater.

102 pitches for Lester through 5. In his last two games he got better as the night went on–I think they’ll send him out to start the 6th, depending on how he feels.

Another walk, this time to Pedroia. Can we make him pay for these things at some point?

Youk outruns a DP. Thank goodness. They’re lucky to get Ortiz called out at 2nd; Cano was two feet off the bag when he caught it.

What the hell? This is like “Infield practice drills” night, focusing on the DP.

Wow. Two innings in a row. Missed double play then the very next pitch they turn one. Can’t say I’ve ever seen that before.

I’ll be the first YF to admit that Joba has been the beneficiary of an unbelievable amount of good luck today.

molina pulls a single. a perfect nite for him.
a sign, after the cabrera drive, that lester is done? careful with ransom. he sux but he can go deep on a mistake.
go yanks

Sigh, Lester well ahead of Molina but gives up a hit. Good pitch too, down and in. Not getting pulled yet–time for us to get one of those DP’s the Yankees keep hogging.

“Dude, Molina has nothing but homerun swings tonight.”
Well what do you expect? If he gets on base he has to run.

2 ER over 6 innings, with 7 strikeouts. Very respectful night, despite the 10 baserunners.

I take it back, the Tigers scored on an error–unearned run.
Lowell crushes a ball off the monster, Melky misplaying it horribly. Can we please score now?

lowell slaps one off the wall, melky fumbles it. lowell to 2nd.
2 deep drives. joba looks gassed. the sox just gas you.
time to get that pen in gear.

Line drive from Varitek, Lowell to 3rd. Can we PLEASE have something other than a DP? Maybe a squeeze play? SOMETHING?

The only thing which concerns me is that the Sox are at nearly full-strength but the Yanks are missing a big hitter in the 4-hole. If this is how balanced they are without him, then his addition could be the difference maker in this match up over the season.

JETER!!! thought it was gone. pulls a 3-2 one deep into the corner and it goes off drew’s glove. a foot away from an out/homer. instead he’s on 2nd w/ no outs.

Consecutive bloop hits killing us… par for the course, I guess.
I feel like I should make a joke about the empty seats at NYS here, but I think I’ll refrain from pressing that button again.

Or maybe that counts as a passive-aggressive button push, I don’t know.
Delco gets a quick fly out, Jeets stays at third. Good.

YF – be skeptical if you like, but stupid facial hair has won championships for us!

another superb play; bay diving stab of cano gapper. jd tags and scores but that saves at least 1 and probably more.
melky up. men on 2nd and 3rd.

bring your dog night in florida. classic.
as long as the yanks have cody ransom, it’s always bring your dog to the park night in the bronx! (we kid!!!)

I do not and have not missed Manny much, to be honest. And no, I don’t know why they haven’t locked up Bay!

Gameday says this on J.D. Drew:
Loves to face – Four-seam
Hates to face – Fastball

Gameday has that for like 40% of the players. They need to have a third category “Loves to Swing At:”

With the market the way it is, and the amount that free agents are settling for (see: Abreu, Dunn, Manny), yes.

Season over, the sky is falling, fire Girardi, fire Cashman, etc.

Gameday says this on J.D. Drew:
Loves to face – Four-seam
Hates to face – Fastball

I love those Gameday “scouting” reports.
But I am still waiting for them to add things like favorite foods and hobbies in the future.
You can never have enough factoids in the information age!

0-2 count, Green HBP. Way to take one for the team.
Tying run at the plate, let’s go Ellsbury!

We HAD plenty of baserunners, what we need are for some of them to cross the friggin plate!

The expression on Mo’s face was priceless. Not trying to rub it in, he just looked genuinely comical.

Give the man his money. Just throw it at him in big white bags with giant dollar signs written on them.

Varitek strikes out. That’s cool, we’ve got bonus baseball and a chance to win this one. Let’s go paps.

Hey umpire, WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU SQUEEZING US NOW? Two innings ago you were calling anything within a foot of the plate a strike.
Molina on, again. Bah.

I love the camera close-up on Pedroia as he says “Let’s fucking go” after the play.

Great, Damon walked. Are we really going to give Teix a chance to put the Yanks ahead? Really?

I don’t like Papelbon’s heart attack strategy this season. Has anyone investigated possible connections with the Lipitor lobby?

I can’t take all this stress. Paps at 17 pitches, and the only man left in the bullpen is that rookie guy whose name I can’t remember.

And I thought it took looking through the “Casual Encounters” section of Craigslist to find a choking friend.

Oh that’s right, I forgot about Ramon Ramirez. So we have him and that rookie kid left.

Seeing Papelbon hug Pedroia after that last half-inning makes me smile. Ellsbury tries a drag bunt but misses.
This ump is REALLY squeezing now.

dp. 443. more runners burned. 4-19 w risp.
that really sux. now here comes the heart of the sox for the kill. that was the wrong time to blow a chance to score.

As kids, wouldn’t we all have mimicked this stance above all others? He could have been the Julio Franco of our childhoods.

Yeah, seems like Sox/Yanks always brings teh dramaz. Good times (as long as the Sox win, of course).

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