And actually, it probably could

And actually, it probably could be argued that Berroa IS more valuable to the Royals than A-Rod is to the Rangers – that’s all about context, not a judgment about skill. Nobody would argue that A-Rod is an inferior player. For example – who has been the most valuable player on the Yankees this year? Is it Jeter? Matsui? Posada? Pettitte? Is Posada really a better player than Jeter? He may be more valuable, but he ain’t better (except maybe in the field, but that isn’t saying much of anything since they both stink). Value and skill aren’t always intertwined, inseparable. I could imagine a scenario where an inferior player wins the MVP over a superior player, I don’t have any problem with that, actually. If they want to placate the players and their bonus clauses, then they ought to add a Willie Mays Award (let’s just cut the “Posada” crap, ok?) or something, I have no beef.