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…And More Decisions

SF gave us his Sox free agent outlook, so we do the same here for the Yanks. Like the Sox, who have so many free agents, the Yanks have some serious issues this winter, and their biggest problems stem from the three huge contracts they have for players who are clearly in performance decline: Kevin Brown, Jason Giambi, Bernie Williams. How can these players be shuffled? How much of their salaries can the Yankees eat? Central questions that we can’t really answer. But here are some thoughts.

-Resign Cairo. A solid player. An alternative: would Cabrera be willing to move to 2nd base? That might add some pressure to the Sox. Some kind of deal to bring back Soriano? Pass.

-Sign Steve Kline. They need lefty bullpen help. A no brainer.

-Sign Olerud. A nice cog in the wheel, and more reliable than the beloved Tino. Can Giambi be moved or written off? If so, Delgado would certainly look nice in pinstripes.

-Sign Lieber. A solid inning eater.

-Pass on Pedro. That money would be better spent on some combination of younger players without the kooky history, probably Pavano and Milton. Moose, Pavano, Lieber, Milton, Vazquez would be a nice solid staff, assuming there’s some way to deal Brown. Adding the Unit to this mix (for Vaz? plus cash and who knows what) as part of some three way deal? Now you’re talking. Better still: is there some way to liberate Hudson from Oakland? Duque signs as the 6th wheel. We also see Wells, perennial Yankee favorite, looming. Who knows.

-Sign Beltran. That leaves one extremely expensive Giambi/Williams DH platoon, and a lot of bruised egos. Yikes!

Prognostication: not YF’s strong suit.

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Signing Cabrera to play second is a fantasy – I don’t think the guy would ever do it. He’d be the best fielding shortstop (though the weakest hitting), out of three, on the team, and he’d be playing out of position. There’s simply more money for him out there on some other team, and as a shortstop.

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