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Anger Management: Marlins-Sox Gamer III

Daisuke is pitching to the Marlins today at Fenway, while Florida sends Big Z to the bump.  I love watching El Toro hit.  Comment away.

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Ortiz went off today on the media. Seems like nobody understood what he was upset about. Don and Jerry on NESN played dumb. Seemed pretty simple to me, Oleny wrote about the toxic clubhouse the other day and since then it has been a non-stop media circus on the story, every Sox related media outlet has a different take.
The veterans on the team are used to this, but I’m sure the new players (or rookies) on the team are thinking “is this how it’s gonna be every day here?” I’m wondering if rookies like Middlebrook, Nava, and Kalish are asking if it gonna be like this every day. Then players like Ross, Sweeney and Podsednik are talking in the clubhouse about how the media (and fan?) scrutiny was never this intense where they used to play.

Ross gets the phantom HBP, ball doesn’t come near his left hand and looks at his left forearm on the inside pitch. Was about 6 inches away from his arm and he his bat.

Then Middlebrooks breaks up the double play by going into 2nd hard. He needs to be playing everyday. They have to figure out the Youk situation sooner rather than later.

Dice’s 1st inning 30 pitches, 3 runs. Innings 2-5 – 60 pitches no runs. Last game he sucked in the 1st and pitched good the rest of the way. No idea what’s going on in his head for that to happen.

Unbelievable, from the summary (Sox recap):
“It was the first time the Red Sox have swept a series of three games or longer at home since July 22-24, 2011.”

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