Another Peek At The New Stadium

From Andrews…

Entry_2 Field_level_2

I took these photos before Tuesday night’s game.  The first shot shows the future entrance; the next one shows the underside of a section of field level seats (with my budget I won’t be sitting there often, if at all).

More of Andrews’ pics after the jump.

View_from_top_1 View_from_top_2

The previous two, even though they look to have been shot from a paddy wagon, were actually taken from the very top of the upperdeck in LF – it’s a drag about the mesh, sorry.


A view of the cranes looking toward LF in the old girl.


Another crane shot (I’m kind of fascinated with those things).


A look down what will be the RF side (glad to see the CF view will be similar, however I’ll miss that gilded building).


Sign for the subway.


Last one is kind of funny- my daughter and I were almost taken out by a falling drunk on the escalator in June. “Intoxicated fans won’t be permitted” my ass. If I hadn’t caught him, it would no doubt have gotten ugly. He was so bombed, he had no idea how close he was to serious injury.

– Andrews

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  • Thanks for the great pics, Andrews. I’m glad they won the game you were at as well.
    I’m also glad to hear that the incident with the drunk ended up without anybody getting hurt. Has there really been any change in the alcohol-impairment monitoring policies, considering the incident last week where the man’s neck was broken by the drunk in the stands?

    attackgerbil July 20, 2007, 12:36 pm
  • I’m sure they’ve tightened up enforcement of the policy, but I didn’t notice any difference. The incident I described was an hour before game time- someone obviously let the rule slide, because that guy could hardly walk. He must have spent several hours at the Yankee Tavern around the corner…

    Andrews July 20, 2007, 2:39 pm

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