Another genius moment from Jim

Another genius moment from Jim Kaat last night. He actually said, in about the 7th inning, that the game was won in the FOURTH inning, when Roger Clemens made three plays for outs. It wasn’t actually won, according to Jim, when Jeter hit his second home run, putting them up by I think 4, or when Buck Showalter was forced to put Colby Lewis on the mound. According to Jim, it was won when Roger Clemens made three plays, two of which were relatively ROUTINE (and with NOBODY on base, to boot), one of which was high quality, with the Yankees already in the lead by 4 runs facing what amounted to a AAA pitcher with at least 5 scrubs playing behind him. Way to suck up to Roger, Jimmy. The Yankees deserve better than Mssrs. Kaat, Stirling, Steiner, et. al. For such a storied franchise, they ought to have higher caliber broadcasters. My guess is that people like McCarver refuse to toe the party line, can’t deal with upper management’s insanity, and get the hell out of dodge. It’s really sad, and makes it incredibly hard to listen to games. Joe Buck and McCarver (usually) make a supposedly on-the-ball announcer like Kaat look like a ham-radio hobbyist.