Anybody Out There? A’s-Yanks Gamer II

It's a crummy day in the big city, so Randy Levine has a ready excuse when no one shows up in the pricey seats to see his $160 million starter, CC Sabathia, take the hill at New Yankee Stadium. Meanwhile, the caste system story continues to pick up momentum. At the very least, the team could hand out some freebies to local schools/nonprofits to fill some of those entire sections that remain open–for the pr value if nothing else. Lefty Brett Anderson goes for the A's. 

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You guys have just argued against yourselves. If the lowest levels are empty, and those are the priciest seats, while the upper levels are packed, who exactly was most affected by the Yankee pricing structures? And the links you provide are now arguing that the prices on those pricey seats should be dropped? To what, $100-500 a seat? I don’t know who your friends are but the “have-not’s” I know including, um, me can’t afford that either. So your ballpark for the rich will get more affordable for the rich? How does that make sense?
I really don’t understand your argument any more, apart from the emotion. In your minds, how much should seats in the lowest level cost? If you lower those seat costs, won’t more people snap them up as a part of season ticket packages? Aren’t we then back to where we were at the last place but in the secondary market? Or are you arguing for some sort of price-control and lottery system? On a per game basis?

I don’t know that anybody’s argued against themselves here. The best seats don’t have to be made affordable for those who prefer the upper deck. I think what people are worried with the price increases (coupled with the bad economy) is a ripple effect. People who used to be in the old premium seats opted for ones further back in the new stadium, which set off a wave trending towards seats away from the field. I’m not saying that’s necessarily what is going on, but it seems to me that’s what is being discussed.

The problem, FSP, is even if there is a ripple effect no one really thinks the whole upper deck is overpriced, do they? Is $20 really too much for the lower-middle class? Those tickets are very available now – I can’t even give mine away. So what’s the effect of all this outrage? It seems to me it’s to lower prices for the rich or anyone who can afford $100+ for a baseball ticket. So, to me, as a “have-not” in this jargon, the debate means little. It’s not going to help me or anyone below my means.

If you want to hear my outrage, please someone explain to me how I can get YES in HD but not the actual games. What the hell? Instead of the game right now, I get…Seinfeld guy on Centerstage?

Rob – I would actually consider your tickets if I weren’t already going to go the game.. hehe..
That said, CC just gave up a 3 run HR..

And as for this moment in time, Anderson is at 23 pitches, an amazing 18 for strikes, and Matsui is up with 1 out down 3.

And Ransom strikes out on 3 pitches.
Anderson with some control though, 29 pitches, 23 for strikes, getting through 2.
End of 2, 3-2 A’s.

By comparison, CC is at 40 pitches, only 23 for strikes through 2. Doesn’t look like it’ll be a good outing, unless he pulls himself together..

I can’t count or something, as there were only two outs after the Ransom K. Anderson still on the mound.

And Anderson is really done with the 2nd this time with 40 pitches, 30 for strikes as the ratio normalizes a little bit.

Going 3-0 on Giambi is not a good way to get him out and Giambi responds by hitting it to JD, and reaches on a 2 base error. Lame.
Holliday with an infield single, and now we have a sticky situation..

Cust grounds out into an unearned run. Tough break for CC, and now it’s Suzuki with two outs, 4-2 A’s.

And Suzuki flies out. CC could not work around a 2 base error. 54 pitches through 3 for CC, and only 31 for strikes.

Red hot Cano up with Posada at second and Tesh at third. Anderson not looking good out there.

Cano with a ground out RBI to bring the score to 4-3 with 1 out. Swisher is up and can do the same.

And Swisher singles out Posada, but thrown out at second. So Matsui up with two outs, tied game.

Heh, just got back from lunch. Looked like I lunched during quite an.. “exciting” series of plays.
Jeter is adding to his Captain Clutch thing.
I see the Red Sox is smashing again, 10-1. The game is delayed, and I guess some of the regulars will get rest, especially for the nightcap.

Jeter with his 4th HR this year. Wow. His defense will give some -VORP (or against average) but his offense should make up for it if this continues.

Tesh singles in a run and the Yanks have added an insurance run. Well, maybe it’s not insurance since it seemed needed. Still, first and second, two outs, 7-5 Yanks and Posada can add to it.

Jeter’s on my fantasy team, so I’m happy to see him doing well. And to be honest, I’ve always kind of liked him. Just a genuinely friendly guy.
There was a foul ball that rolled about 3 feet from the plate a minute ago and while the A’s catcher was watching it to make sure it went fair, Jeter ran up and put his face down near the ball too and stared intently. They shared a laugh, and it was an overall lighthearted moment. I don’t say that about many Yankees.

CC still out there with 100 pitches in the 7th inning, probably pitching until someone gets on. And then Bobby Crosby with an infield single to lead off the inning.

Hmm, they’re leaving Sabathia out there even with the runner on. I guess that’s part of Girardi’s Force-Sabathia-To-Get-All-Of-His-ER-Out-Of-His-System-In-April” plan, so that he goes 25-0 with a 0.00 ERA from May-September.

And then walks Sweeney. Two on and OCab is up. C’mon Joe, the pen rested yesterday and will have an off day tomorrow..

Two runners on and he’s STILL out there. Another run scores and it’s 7-6 with the tying run at 3rd. A funky bounce off the mound is the only reason that wasn’t a hit.
Girardi showing a lot of faith in his bullpen.

Girardi goes to the mound, but leaves Sabathia out there. This is like a goddamn reenactment of the Grady/Pedro debacle!
Another line drive up the middle, and Sabathia has erased his lead. NOW he gets pulled.

OCab sac’ed the runners over, and Giambi grounds out to bring one home. 7-6 Yanks. Man on third, two outs, here’s Holliday.
C’mon, walk the guy and bring someone in.

CC gives up a hit to Holliday, tying the game. You got to be kidding me. If it was a 2-1 game or something, I can see how he “owns” the game, but it was god damn 7-6..

Just because CC can throw 120 every game doesn’t mean he should!
Also considering how many high-pressured pitch he had to made (and failed..)
6.2 IP, 6 H, 7 R, 4 BB, 2 K’s, and responsible for the runner on first.

Cust ends the inning. 7-7 game, or essentially a 2.5 inning game with the Yanks having the advantage of batting an additional time.

I would’ve taken him out after someone reached. Or at least, after he walked somebody. I don’t think I’m unique in this.

HAHA actually I just discovered it last weekend: my girlfriend found it and turned me on to it. I would post my Jeter-for-Escober screwup, but it wouldn’t be funny out of context.

Haha.. we should start a Fantasy Baseball FML.
“I didn’t set my roster because of Patriot Day. FML”

“Joe Girardi thinks it’s funny to do his Grady Little impersonation while we’re trying to win a ballgame. FML.”

The Yankees lineup doing their best to foil Girardi’s attempt at throwing the game.

Springer not looking good out there, but then he only needs a triple play to get out of the inning.

Now the A’s are doing everything in their power to lose this game. Both sides bet on the other?

Matsui singles, but Cano could not score. Bases loaded, no outs, here’s Melky, Ransom, and then Jeter.

Ath – haha, the way you said it reminds me of that South Park episode where they’re trying to lose the game..

That was, other than double/triple plays, the worst possible outcome. Now a double play will not get a runner across.
Melky struck out, and Gardner will apparently come off the bench and hit for Ransom.

No, I’m not making that up. I guess it would cut down on the double play possibilities though.

And Gardner pops out. You got to be kidding me.
So now, bases loaded, two outs, Derek Jeter will show these young ‘uns what to do. Hopefully.

The responsibility is on Jeter to get the go-ahead run again. How many times do they expect him to do this per game?

Ya, really. Though of course, if he was ARod and strikes out in the exact same situation, people would jump on him anyhow.
Jeter pops out and the Yanks refuse to win, leaving the bases loaded with no outs. FML.

Suzuki now on with an infield single and a sac. Here’s Powell trying to not be like Melky.

Powell giving Albaladejo a rough time, before getting a groundout that moves Suzuki to third. And now Bobby Crosby will try to do his version of the Jeter impression.

Another useless inning. This game is going to go on for like 14 innings before the A’s get fed up and intentionally walk four batters in a row so the Yanks win.

Swisher is going to make sure he doesn’t score by getting thrown out stealing 2nd here.

Nope, just a DP from Matsui. If this were a Sox game I would have thrown myself out of a window by now.

Unfortunately, Matsui grounds into double play, Melky strikes out.
So now we have bonus ball coming right now.

Suzuki, in order to make people believe he’s actually trying, swings so hard that he falls to the ground.

Why did Girardi pull Marte after that out? He went from not managing his pitching staff enough to overmanaging it in the space of a few innings.

Ellis drove one deep enough to move Ellis to third, but now with two outs it’ll take a hit or something anyhow.
Powell now up.

Not sure, but I think Marte hasn’t been trusted beyond a batter or two.
Though I wonder how long Edwar can last out there if this game keeps going..

Edwar does get out of it, despite throwing 11 pitches, only 5 for strikes.
The Yanks will have a chance to win it with the 9-1-2 batters up.

Here’s the very light hitting Pena, who came in for Gardner who previously pinched hit for Ransom.

I know this turned into a Game thread, but I am disgusted at the way the new stadium is set up. It is just insane to have the best seats in the house 60% empty like that. not only is it sad, but it just looks pathetic. Last night, on a Tuesday in April, The bleachers were 95% full, The upper levels were 80-85% full, and the lower levels were probably 35-40% full.
It is understandable to have a lull in attendance in April, but when every section in the brand new stadium is 80+% Full, it is hard to imagine how someone hasn’t been fired over this gross over estimating of what fans would be willing to pay for tickets
A concrete example, which has probably been sighted several times, is that my friend had tickets 8 rows over the 3rd base dugout last year that he has had for the past 10 years, that were $80,000 for the season.
Those exact same tickets are now $810,000 for the season.
Who would even think that is remotely feasible?

Another unproductive inning. A shame there’s an off-day tomorrow for the yanks, because otherwise this could have great implications for the series against the Sox.

This is a gamer, which means it is a game thread, with the attendence thrown in a bit.
My first Yanks game this season is next Friday against the Angels, so until then I’ll figure it out.

I’m sort of glad work is almost over, so I don’t have to torture myself by watching this much longer. This is frustrating.

I know Wang already worked out, but it would be amusing (though probably a bad risk all-around) to see him trying to pitch a couple. I don’t know who’s left in the pen at this point though.
Posada strikes out.

Cano pops out, but I’m impressed with his approach thus far, relatively patient, though it didn’t help this encounter.
Here’s Swisher.

I lie. Veras looks good getting the side out.
Came back to say Dan Giese came in to pitch. It’s like a reunion in here.

Jeter a few feet short of the walk-off.
Okay I’ve gotta leave now, see you guys later.

Ath – I forgot he was down there, and it’s probably not realistic, but it would be amusing..

He blasted the shit out of the ball.
2 homers, one from each side? Well done, Melky. Well done.

I realize I am totally late on this, but since the game/thread is still going: “I sat Ryan Braun yesterday – in both my leagues – because he’d been struggling at the plate. He went 5/5 with 2 HR and 4 RBI. FML.”

And let’s not forget Veras, who pitched like a champion today. 3.1 IP, 0 ER, 1BB, 4K. 75 pitches, 46 for strikes.
He’s almost unhittable… as long as he throws his fastball for strikes and gets ahead in the count, because his breaking stuff moves so much. Today he did just that.

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