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Anyone else sick of people talking about Joyce/Galarraga? The Mets announcing team, normally very good, won’t shut up about it, talking about how if Selig reverses the call then we’ll have to replay the 1985 World Series and other mistakes. Right.
What is it about this play that has made everyone lose their minds?

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Wow, amazing call in Baltimore: Jones hits a little dribbler in front of the plate, VMart grabs it and throws him out at first. Home plate umpire called it a fair ball, and Jones walks down into the dugout.
Then, a few seconds later, the umpire changes his mind and says that the ball hit Jones while he was in the batter’s box, so it’s a foul. It doesn’t matter cause he promptly grounds out after that, but wow what a strange call.

i agree sf…enough already…i was thinking about that whole reversal notion, and came to the conclusion that it’s a bad idea…thought about derek jeter’s non-homer in the playoffs against baltimore, before they started looking at those plays, then a flood of other “bad” calls…it’s in the books…i thought the pine-tar game reversal was bullshit too, based on bullshit reasoning…i’m not a big selig fan, but i think this time he did the right thing by doing nothing…they can’t change it just because raw emotions have determined it would be the “right” thing to do…some folks need to take a lesson from galarraga and get over it already…besides, he got a corvette out of the deal…i also don’t like the idea of expanding replay…here’s a radical, if tongue in cheek, suggestion: do away with all replay, including the scoreboards and those we see at home…in the days when tv sucked, and we didn’t have all those close-ups, we couldn’t bitch as much because we couldn’t see as much…sure we argued and cussed the umps, but at the end of the day, we really weren’t sure that we saw it better than they did…

Every other game or situation mentioned happened in the “middle” of a game. Changing that upsets the entire rest of the contest. You can’t change the 1985 call or the Offerman’s 1999 phantom tag because then what happens in the rest of the game?
It’s why, when a guy is caught stealing and the next guy triples, that it is dumb to say the team would have scored a run. You have no way of knowing that the triple would have happened if the guy stole the base.
Reversing Joyce’s game does not change the outcome of the game and wiping out batter #28 would be like wiping out the first 2 innings of game called by rain. It “never happened”.
We know that official scorers change hits to errors or errors to hits, thus awarding new RBIs or taking away earned runs a day or two after some games. And we barely notice or care. Changing this call falls into that category.
And so Selig keeps his streak of doing or saying the absolute wrong thing for baseball intact. He is 479-for-479*.
* numbers approximate, but the 100% part is accurate.

It would be interesting to know how many times we have loaded the bases and scored ZERO runs this season…10-15 times this year already???

Tex K’s for the 4th time this game with Jeter standing on 2nd in the 10th…the guy is fucking killing us right now. Flailing helplessly at breaking ball after breaking ball…it’s almost embarrassing if it’s weren’t so pathetic and sad.

Marte and Robertson combine to get us out of the 10th…4-5-6 for the good guys coming up. Maybe someone will actually hit the ball?

Surprise, surprise…Yankees go down without as much as a whimper in the 1st…1-2-3. Great job boys. And to make things better, her comes Javy to give up about 8 runs in the first 2 innings!!! Woo hoo!! Getting swept by the sorry-ass Blue Jays has to be the low point of an already mind-numbingly pathetic last few weeks…maybe they’ll turn it on in July like usual but I’m not optimistic. The magic of last year seems long gone…

ARod gets gunned at 2nd like a moron instead of just taking a single…cano hits a double but obviously gets stranded because we can’t hit. Awesome. Just roll over for the fucking Blue Jays. Impressive.

I don’t care Ath…not sure how these posts have some cosmic power to alter the outcome of the games. Unlike negative reinforcement, which is a scientific fact!

This is very premature, but has any pitcher had a no-no through nine but had it not count because his team didn’t score? The last one I’m aware of was Pedro’s perfect game back in 1995.

Goes to 3-2 on Wigginton and then pops him up. Maybe I should insult him some more. I’m sure krueg can explain this kind of science.
I’d be more tolerant towards Lackey if we could get a few runs.

Lackey walks Markakis (and that might have been one of those walks that weren’t walks), then goes 3-0 on Wigginton (and those were definitely real balls), then gets the force at second.
It has not been fun to watch, but two runs through seven isn’t too bad.

Lousy performance by Manny Delcarmen. Two walks and the double. The bullpen has to step it up, there need to be other guys beside Bard and Papelbon Tito can rely on.

These Orioles announcers are really tough to listen to:
“Hernandez has a walk-to-strikeout ratio of 10. 10 walks, 10 strikeouts.”
That’s not how math works

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