Tampa police have placed an all points bulletin on Rays outfielder, last seen leaving the Trop with Jason Varitek's lunch, pride, glove….

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Apparently Crawford wasn’t aware that 7 SB was the record. He is quoted as saying after the game that he would have gone for another if he’d known.

His steal of 3rd in the 5th innings was fairly embarrassing for the Sox. He went into 3rd standing and Lowell didnt even break for the bag to cover. His jump was insane and Penny and Varitek were totally unprepared for a guy who had already stole 3 bases off them in the game.

Don’t forget to put out an APB out on Tek’s jock. I think Carl Crawford made off with that item as well.

The “Future” against the Red Sox these two days – Hughes and Joba up. It’ll be amusing, if nothing else..

I believe Crawford also made off with the DH’s bat, but that was earlier in the year I think

How dare you, a Yanks fan, write anything disparaging about my beloved Red Sox!? I tell you, if the moderators don’t crack down on these unsolicited digs at the Sox I am going to run on about it incessantly in the comments. You are SO MEAN!!!!!

Interestingly, the steals had little conceivable impact on how the Rays scored their runs. Crawford may have disrupted the flow of things, that’s the best you can say, but that’s a causation/correlation thing. Crawford scored following an extra base hit and a HBP with the sacks full, He would have scored both times even if he hadn’t stolen.
This wasn’t Dave Roberts!

“…This wasn’t Dave Roberts!…”
you got that right…crawford was safe every time…dave was the beneficiary of an ump who seemed caught up in the excitement of the moment… ;)

If the police show up they ought to arrest Lugo for impersonating a major-league caliber shortstop. Because of him my three year old now knows words she shouldn’t. Seriously, TWO routine grounders that he can’t make plays on, and the double play gaffe?
If I take him out, will someone send me cookies in prison?

Today I am proud to be a Crawford owner in a few fantasy leagues.
Well Ponch, maybe it’s time for Theo to give Minaya a call. The Mets need a change and starting pitching, with your over abundance of young starting pitching, they might be the team to contact. They also have a young SS (Wilmer Flores, 17) who will one day (2012) replace Reyes, so maybe they can package Lugo (eat some contract) and some young arms (Clay, etc…) As far fetched as it seems, it’s a very good match. Next season Move Lowrie to 3rd Base and all is well. Can’t hurt to try!

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