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Are You Rooting for the Right Team?


It turns out I should be rooting for the Cardinals. If only I liked chowder. (H/t Beyond the Box Score)

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And I now know I am a Giants fan, as long as “The Clear” means “Everclear.” Otherwise, I hit a dead-end somewhere on the left coast. Oh yeah, I remember! It’s in Portland where we couldn’t keep a AAA club while we were talking about competing for a big league team!

I love that it is all pinstripes passion and pride for Yankees fans.. no poltergeists or voodoo mumbo jumbo. Nicely done, Krueg.
And for you, SF, I’m going to have to call shenanigans. Maybe you answered the question truthfully, but I know that even if you may be “ashamed” to eat sushi at a ball park, you darn well would enjoy it if it were decent.

I won’t eat sushi at a ballgame. I might, as you say, enjoy good sushi at a ballgame, but I’d enjoy good sushi on the moon, or in a theater. I won’t eat it there, either.
The fork in the road, conveniently chosen, was at ‘chowda’. I actually don’t tailgate at baseball games, so this question was dumb (I eat hot dogs AT baseball games). In fact, who even tailgates at baseball games? Therefore I felt I could answer it whatever way I wanted to get a good result.

I also was hung up at the tailgate question. But I have to admit I don’t eat chowder, but I do enjoy an encased meat, so it was up to the Cardinals/Jays/Twins/Dodgers/etc. tier for me.

Glad I don’t have a soul so that I didn’t have to spend much time on this flow chart!
Okay, so I did… just to see which teams people with souls tend to watch. I was amused by “It’s too damn… hot for baseball”

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