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Around the Horn: Miscellaneous Sox-Related News

Over the waiver wire we see that the Sox have claimed Brian Giles off of waivers, according to reports.  Giles is having a reasonable season (if absent power at Petco) at the age of 37, but we’re not sure where the Sox would play him if they can work out a trade with the Padres (or if San Diego doesn’t revoke the waivers).  Is Giles a DH backup plan if Papi, who appears less than full-strength, has to sit for another period of time?  Or, is this protection against Giles heading to a division or Wild Card rival?

In an unseemly story, a Sox fan has sued the Yankees for failing to protect him from an assault at the Stadium which resulted in cosmetic surgery for the victim.  The fan has sued the team and its security services for not doing their jobs.  We do like how the New York Sun closes their story, though, maintaining balance by pointing out an assault on a Yankee fan on Cape Cod.  Not sure the relevance of that incident, frankly, which has nothing to do with the allegations of this fan regarding security services in the Bronx and not much else.  I have no idea what the merit of these allegations are, for the record.

Lastly, this looks like a phenomenal event, a minor-league day at Fenway this coming Saturday. Fans can see a doubleheader involving the Lowell Spinners (playing the Hudson Valley Renegades) and the PawSox (playing the Charlotte Knights).  The day sounds like a great way to get a Fenway experience at a far lower cost and see players (mostly) untainted by the big leagues.  Wish I could be there.

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Regarding the lawsuit: yes, that reference to the July 4th incident is completely irrelevant, inflammatory, and .. stupid.

I like Giles…brought up him coming to NY next year and was promptly rebuked by various YF’s.

I seem to recall Giles playing third at some point in his career, maybe in Pittsburgh(?). Can anyone confirm that, or is it just my imagination?

todd- giles has played all 3 OF positions and DH-ed at times, but has never played the infield. not saying he can’t, just saying he hasn’t. still not sure how giles would fit into the sox plans. i guess theo’s looking to pull another kielty out of a hat.
seems like the sox and padres have always found a way to work out a deal. it’s odd seeing an understudy trying to get over on his mentor. towers has always seemed to get the better of the deals.
anyone have a list of players placed on waivers?

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