Around the Horn: Sox/Yanks Blogs Wrapup

We were  trying to think of something to post on this lazy, humid, stinky day in New York, but it’s all been done elsewhere.  Pedro got hammeredThe Sox stretched their streak to a ridiculous elevenA-Rod was welcomed into the "what have you done for me lately, you no good overpaid piece of sh*t" "True Yankee" club.  The Yankees hit the first of what will likely be several "turning points" this season, leading us to ask: if you have multiple turning points, what direction are you facing? Most of my YFSF cohorts are either on vacation or talking to a bunch of yahoos with slide rules and Cap Anson photos in their wallets.  So we’re taking the afternoon off from thinking about baseball.  We’ll be back with a game thread.  Until then, stay cool.

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