As for Manny, his gesture

As for Manny, his gesture after the ding was clearly to the Sox’ dugout, not a taunt of the A’s, however exuberant, it was that a weight had been lifted. The announcers were all over him for disrespecting the A’s, but what the fuck do they want? They either crap on him for being Manny, an “emotionless flake”, or they get on him for being fired up. But with Sosa and his little hop all is ok, it’s “character”. Please. And let’s not forget that the Yankees take curtain calls after 2 run jacks in the 5th inning up by 6 during regular season games, and the announcers hem and haw about the “tradition”, “yankee pride”. But they get on Manny for staring at his 3 run jack in a deciding game after struggling all series? Boo f—ing hoo. Look in the mirror, those who live in glass…aw, forget it, you’re an arrogant Yankee fan, there’s no use reasoning.