As Yankees fans continue to gloat in the haze of the A-Rod deal, they should all remember that even as this doesn’t necessarily make the Yankees the best team in the Majors, they are even further from being the best assemblage of players in any given sport – that crown belongs to Real Madrid of La Liga, and their collection of “galacticos”. They do it fo less payroll than the Yankees, though adding in phased payment transfer fees must easily crash such a simplistic comparison of salaries, and would seemingly have far greater global revenue-deriving power. I wonder how the Real “revenues” are calculated, and how they compare to the Bombers. Research to begin now!

EDIT: here we are – (from last September)

Real Madrid forecasting big profits boost
( 2003-09-04 09:38) (Agencies)

RealMadrid expect to boost pre-tax profits in 2003-2004 to 58.8 million euros ($63.46 million), thanks largely to a TV deal that kicked in at the start of the season and higher marketing revenues.

Any idea what the Yankees profits were? What do the “books” say?!

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  • Yankees revenues for 2003 estimated at $270M, but I can’t find a single explanation of how that number was arrived at, nor what their estimated profit is on that number. For argument’s sake, let’s assume a payroll (190M) + luxury tax (17.5% of amount over $120M (12M) + revenue sharing amount (34% of local rev = +/- 40M) leaves 18M to cover all their expenses. Somehow this seems absurdly small. Which leads me back to my beliefs that is impossible to get an accurate representation of “revenues”.

    SF February 17, 2004, 2:41 pm

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