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ASGamer: Halladay and Lincecum

If you are a true baseball fan, the only thing that matters about this gathering is that you get to see Roy Halladay and Tim Lincecum on the stage in close contest at an “exhibition” that has had a farcical construction of gravity because trading off or flipping a coin was a supposed bad idea. But, like I said, witness Halladay and Lincecum. Everything else is gravy until we get back to the ball.

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i am talking about the hissing of the stitches when someone that far away can show you what is what.

Should I root for the NL so that when the Sox inevitably sweep the World Series, they can finally do so at home?
I’m actually rooting for Tim Wakefield to pitch an inning to poor Victor Martinez. It’s the only reason to watch this game.

Every year I convince my self that I’m not gong to watch this, but I always do. I guess I’m a sucker and this is as close to Red Sox methadone I can get.

No matter who has to catch Wake, that will be the high comedy of the evening. They’ll have to follow Uecker’s advice to wait until it stops rolling and pick it up. I think we may all appreciate Kotteras a bit more after tonight.

i’ve already got v-mart penciled in the sox lineup a week and a half from now, so seeing him catch the knuckler might be a nice try out.

Along with the Sonia Dada, while we are waiting for baseball, do a youtube search for some Victor Wooten soloing Amazing Grace.

I am on vacation out west, it is only 545, and still I am thinking GET THIS GAME GOING FOR HECK’S SAKE. This pre-game is interminable.

Minor observation: image of Saarinen’s arch
looks better in foreshortened perspective than from the blimp. Probably by design.

Just got home, somewhat happy to see us not losing by a lot. Bring Beckett in and let him kick some f*cking ass!

OH YEAH SON, Papelbon for the 7th inning.
aaaaaand he almost gives up a homer on the first pitch. THANK YOU CRAWFORD!

It is pathetic that anyone has an All Star record of “8-0-1”. Thanks Bud.
This is a ridiculously anti-Selig remark about something that has nothing to do with Bud Selig. Recession? Bud Selig’s fault! Patriots miss the playoffs? Blame Selig. Asteroid destroys all life on earth? Selig at work once again.

Nathan in for the 8th, Mo presumably saved for the 9th. Maddon giving him the respect he deserves.

Evidently 22 wins between Bex and Wakes wasn’t enough to convince Joe Maddon to give either some All-Star face time.

We’re not going to rehash how everyone blew Papelbon’s comments last year out of proportion, are we? ;-)
Ballgame. Wakefield and Beckett both rested, and home field advantage ours if we make it.

Hudson, be glad they’re rested!
The last time a Red Sox won the All Star game? WE WON THE WORLD SERIES! I like this trend.

Another historic milestone for Mo with his 4th ASG save. As if he wasn’t already the greatest closer ever.

Speaking of which, is there a sensible reason why there are 6 NL games on Thursday and 2 AL games? It would be nice if there were league-wide four-game series after the ASB.

A nice catch by Future Yankee Crawford. The Yankees could soon have a Crawford AND an Austin on their team. Then all they’ll need is Dallas McPherson, Huston “Houston” Street, and Jayson “Fort” Werth. It can be done!

And how could I forget the namesake himself, Mark “Tex” Teixeira. We’re definitely on to something here. Maybe they can even pull David Waco ( out of retirement, just for kicks.

I can’t tell if the above comment is serious or a joke!
Andrew, please do not say such things about Crawford. It’s bad enough that Kazmir will be a Yankee soon, but I couldn’t handle rooting against a Yankee team filled with cities from my home state!

Ath, the way Kazmir is going, the Mets will probably sign him for way too much money ala Oliver Perez, thus completing the circle of ineptitude that is that organization in the most hilarious fashion.

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