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Award Winning Effort

He’ll probably finish second to Johan Santana in the Cy Young voting, and deservedly so, but last night’s effort by Curt Schilling was one of the best of the year, league-wide, and it was one of those games where you wish the official scorer could award the win to anyone but the guy who got it. Foulke coughs up a 2 run homer in the 9th to wreck Schilling’s 14k, 2-hit shutout, and the Sox salvage it with 2 in the bottom of the ninth to give Keith the win, one he most certainly shouldn’t have gotten. Anyhow, brilliant and intimidating stuff from Schilling.

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God I hate Schilling. He’s a show-off, always playing his best in big games. BTW, is he a free agent next year, anyway the Yankees can sign him?

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