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Baaaaad Execution

Angered by proposed renovations? Pissed off at a 3-5 start? Can’t accept that the Cubs will NEVER win another World Series? Send a Goat-a-Gram. Coming soon! The killer app for ios and android where you can summon hateful retribution with the convenience of a tablet, goatPad!

Video after the jump.. (no autoplay=off on the suntimes embed code. Now that’s bad execution.)


3 replies on “Baaaaad Execution”

This would be depressingly commonly used were this a thing. Does that mean it should be a thing? I’d like to hope not.

Also, your titles pretty much always deserve praise, ag. I feel pretty silly for not getting this one for awhile.

Thanks Devine. Usually, I am pretty sure I am the only one that thinks I am funny. Or worse, punny.

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