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Back At It

Sorry folks, but I am late to the show after a busy day. Please enjoy this communal gamer for tonight. Comment away.

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Avery Johnson of the Brooklyn Nets is sitting in the middle of the bleacher creaturess just behind us. Props to him for not sitting behind home plaate…

WTF is MLB’s problem? I want to watch this game, but I’m getting a “This game will begin shortly” message on every game except the Cubs one. Slow to recover from the ASB, eh, MLB? Missed a Papi homer…thanks a ton, MLB.

Leadoff triple and the 3, 4, and 5 hitters can’t get him in. How this team maintains the best record in the majors while sucking with RISP is just absurd.

Kuroda flew through 6 innings wwith 64 pitches and then gives up a 3 run monster HR. Depression.

Leadoff double. If russell buntss to pujolss who’s is slow and playing deep anyway, they score. Butt no. Nobody on this team but jeteer seems to take into account thee damn sitation during an AB. Granderson and Teix are unable to hit the ball the other way. They have wastedd two easy rbi opportunities because alll they do is swing for the seats.

Well, I was excited for them to be back…

Not so much anymore.

They look terrible against a good team.

No hitting, sub-par pitching.

This is what a playoff game looks like…

Absolutely right re: post-season comment krueg. When u can’t make productive outs with men on, you are going down in October.


Great game by Russell!!!!


I love how pretty much every move Soscia made blew up in hiss face. 2 runners caught stealing, Martin makes him pay for IBB’ing Ibanez, and Kendrick’s aggressive running in the 9th ends the game. Masssive nights for Teix and Martin on both sides of the pllate.

Pretty good game over in TB…Ellsbury needs to drive the runner in from 3rd with one down and a 2-run lead in the 9th.

Eventless (unless you count a 3-0 count on Jennings before coming back for the K as an event) 9th and a W to start the second half, which is nice.

But as much as I don’t usually go in for the personal side of it, I had the game on without announcers and just watching the Sox “celebrate” afterward…I saw only one smile, on Ciriaco. No animation, no feeling of ready to fight back.

Play of the game was probably Morales striking that one dude out in the 4th with the bases loaded. Nice game by the BP (again), though a throw out on an attempted tag to 3rd (Sweeney, from right field, making a nice catch even before throwing the dude out, great play) was big in likely saving at least a run.

Freddie’s dead.

Game over in the first.


Win tomorrow, win the series.

4-3 after 6…

Need some more runs now please…

ARod is leading off so you are going to have to do it with 1 out and no one on…


Coming out of the break HOT.

Love it.

In love with it.

Sac bunt. 2nd/3rd, one out. Albers in. Hoping they can at least come out of this with a tie, but we shall see.

IBB Matsui to face a clearly better Eliot (sp?) Johnson…”interesting” move…we’ll see if it works out.

Errrr, nevermind, it’s Lobaton PHing for Sean Rodriguez. Gameday, you misinform me. (Shocker.)

Lead blown. Man. C’mon kids, let’s go back to .500, where we’re oh so comfortable.

Let’s make this the all-weekend-thread …

Shields at 29 pitches after 1. Sox up 1-0.

We could use a dominant performance from Beckett today.

I have no words for what I just saw…

1st and 3rd…1 out…Tex up…Cano and ARod get picked off.

What. The. Fuck.

Wishful thinking on my part, re Beckett. The first three Rays all single and the lead is gone. Disgraceful.

This game is a fucking shit show…

Nova walks the bases loaded with 2 outs…

3-2 game…

Had 2 on with 1 out last inning and fucked it up like a bunch of amateurs…now let’s see if CSN can hold it down? He has looked like shit so far…

Beckett needs only (ha) 26 pitches but the Rays get 3 runs.

To quote krueg: What. The. Fuck.

7 pitch inning.

Way to let him off the hook and throw a CG.

Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid fucking plays today.

Bloop leadoff single followed by Russell’s embarrassing bunt attempt, popped up, double play.

Pathetic. Should lose this one.

Beckett averages 20 pitches per inning. Will need to buy the bullpen some beer and chicken if he keeps going at that rate.

First and third, nobody out. No runs as Chiriaco strikes out on three pitches and Ellsbury grounds into a double play. Pathetic.

I see i’ve been quoting krueg again. But “pathetic” really is the right word for this team.

Will single scores two. 6-3. That should boost the Sox’ chances of winning this game to at least 20%.

Quick work by Beckett in the bottom of the 5th. Might even go six now. Shields is out of the game.

Bases full, nobody out. Time for Adrian to break out of his home-run-slump!!

No joy … formerly mighty Adrian has struck out. At least we still have the lead and Cody and Salty coming up.

And Salty flies out. Not sure the Sox realize that LOBaton is on the other team.

Beckett probably done after getting through 6. Not such a terrible outing after all.

Furious comeback…killed by the $30 million failure of course.

That’s OK, he should be hitting 6th in the playoffs.

Won the series.

Godzilla grounds out. So Mark Melancon actually can hold a lead. Nice to know.

Angels win, Yankees loss. Considering the implications for the wild card race, good thing or bad thing for the Sox. Discuss!

Melancon goes another scoreless inning and lowers his ERA to 6,23 in the process.

Aceves, non-save situation, walks lead-off hitter. Just put ’em away, Alfredo.

Another walk. Can’t anybody get this Zobrist fellow out? C’mon, Alfredo!

Matsui flies out. Sox win the game and the series. On to Fenway to meet the Greek God of Walks. May he get a nice ovation and then go hitless in the series.

Hey all, was away for a couple of days. Sorry about the slowdown.

That was shaping up to be the best comeback of the year. Then A-Rod pops to first with the bases loaded. Sigh.

Hey there AG, quick question, where did all the other authors go? Not knocking you at all, just curious.

Hi Lockland,

Good to see you around. I would not speak for other authors as to why they choose or choose not to write articles anymore. I would say that for myself, it is very difficult to invest the time in writing about baseball when I have commitments to family and work that supersede posting gamers, let alone researching stats and spending time doing deeper analyses. Writing articles about what may or may not be humorous/interesting in prose is the hardest of all to do well.

To your question as to where our fellow authors went, to my knowledge everyone is healthy and busy. I hope that isn’t too evasive, and I thank you for asking.

To know the true answer as to their whereabouts, I know with certainty you should not look inside the several 55 gallon drums outside my science lab’s window.

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