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Back Home: Mariners-Sox Gamer I

After a long road trip the Sox return to Fenway to play the Mariners and face another southpaw. Carl and JD sit, the red hot Jacoby Ellsbury (line drives, baby!) plays as he looks more and more comfy in the lead-off spot – nice to see that he reads our blog and listens intently to our armchair batting coaching.

Chat about the action here. Lineups after the jump.

RED SOX (11-13)
Ellsbury CF
Pedroia 2B
Gonzalez 1B
Youkilis 3B
Ortiz DH
Lowrie SS
Cameron RF
Varitek C
McDonald LF

Pitching: RHP Daisuke Matsuzaka (2-2, 4.09).

MARINERS (11-15)
Suzuki RF
Figgins 3B
Bradley LF
Olivo C
Smoak 1B
Cust DH
Kennedy 2B
Saunders CF
Ryan SS

13 replies on “Back Home: Mariners-Sox Gamer I”

Most infuriating April ever?
And I don’t mean worst April ever. Just the most frustrating, annoying beginning to a season I can recall. This team isn’t all that much fun, they aren’t losing pretty. It is one thing to be out dueled, or go out swinging, but this team seems like it falls behind fast all the time and hasn’t won an exciting one yet this year.
I hope this changes soon.

I am not entirely convinced Youk is either healthy or comfortable at all. He just struck out again, and that makes 25 for the year in just 23 games. He’s on pace for almost 170 strikeouts, more than 45 above any previous career high.
I have never seen him look so bad at the dish as he has look this year. When did he turn into Tony Armas?

Yes! That is Cameron’s first hit with me watching him in a Sox uni. Seriously. I missed his earlier dinger because I was busy elsewhere in the apartment.

Ah, well shit. Daisuke looking solid after a rocky start and now he is yanked with an injury. Albers in and now maybe Tim fucking Wakefield back in the rotation. JFC.

Albers just threw five legitimate strikes. Two were actually called strikes. Absolutely atrocious calling by the home plate ump.

I dunno, SF. Since starting the season 0-6, they’re 11-7, since starting 2-10, they’re 9-3. They just went on a 6-3 roadtrip. They’ve been playing pretty well for awhile.
Also, as much as I don’t want Wake (they *should* call up Doubront, but Wake will probably get two starts to prove he stinks) in the rotation, Matsuzaka is better than anyone to get injured except maybe Buchholz…or maybe Lackey…all right, I’ll grant you the rotation (that one amazing stretch not withstanding) is a bit shaky.

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