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Back to Baseball (Maybe): Tigers-Sox Gamer I

The big matchup is tomorrow night, but the Sox still have to face Phil Coke and the surging Tigers tonight and send Clay Buchholz to do that. At least the Sox are in the good part of the rotation now. So far, "Beckett, Buchholz, Lester and pray for bad weather" (hey, it almost rhymes!) has worked out OK. We'll see if they get this one in. 

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Bottom 6, the line:
Det 0 3 1
Bos 0 3 0
Buchholz has gotten out of jams, Coke has been very efficient.
Carl leads off, he’s now 0-2 w/ 2 Ks.
When did he last get a hit? His avg. threatening to dip back below .200.

Clay plunks 2 in the top of the 7th to load the bases. …
Clay now has thrown a career-high 118 pitches. Looks like he’ll stay in and get a chance to get out of this.

Yanks stranding baserunners like…well…like the 2011 Yanks.
Pie’s warning track shot here in the 14th looked like a walk-off HR to everyone everywhere. Phew.
And Hector Noesi’s arm will be lying on the mound before the night is out. At 51 pitches now.

Teixeira leadoff single. That’s two in his last two ABs. Maybe he is finally waking up. A-Rod who did well in the first 3 hours of this game, not so well in the last 2…

A-Rod singles. Two men on and no outs. Again. And that drives Accardo out so the O’s bring in their LAST pitcher – Mike Gonzalez.
Can we bring Bartolo back? He barely warmed up in those first 8 innings…

Cano POUNCES on the first pitch from Gonzalez for a 2-run triple. Please add another 5 runs fellas. I don’t know who will be taking the hill for the Yanks in the bottom half…

Oh my God. Gonzalez beans Dickerson in the head with a 91-mph heater. Oh God that looked and sounded absolutely horrible.
Gonzalez is booted immediately (no idea who the O’s will pitch now since Gonzalez was their last arm). Dickerson has a big welt just outdside of the left eye. His helmet cracked. The Yankees have bench players to take his place. So he stays in the game with Monahan escorting him to 1st. WTF.

I was wondering about Carl. He seemed to never get a hit at the beginning of the season, but things seem to have quieted down on him, so I assumed he was now putting up his normal numbers.
So I looked at his stats through April, since (conveniently) that’s when his BA hit its nadir of .155. His BABIP was a very low .177, so clearly that was due for a rebound.
So I looked at his May statistics, and his BABIP popped back up to a healthy .360, which is more in line with his career line of .329.
However, he hasn’t improved on anything else, which leaves that .290 batting average in May awfully empty (I don’t think I have to tell anyone here how useless batting average is as an offensive metric). In fact, in May his peripheral stats have gotten worse. In April, his walk rate was 4.8% and his strikeout rate was 16.3%. Which is pretty bad. However in May, he has taken ONE walk (that’s below 2%), and has struck out in almost 20% of his plate appearances. Perhaps we can forgive him his lack of patience for now, since he is getting more hits, but if anything the month of May has been even more worrisome for Crawford than the month of April. The extra hits are indeed finally falling in, but they’re nearly all singles.

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