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Back To Canadia: Yanks-Rays Gamer I

Hiroki Kuroda was solid against the Mariners in his last start. He’s looking to even his record at Rogers Centre against Kyle Drabek and the Jays. Comment away.

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Just saw a disturbing tweet…
Remember when Cashman wouldn’t include Nunez in the trade with Montero for Cliff Lee?
Now he trades Montero for Pineda and Campos, both of which are hurt and need surgery.
I think I am over Cashman. Many people hate his face, and I have never really felt that way but damn, these facts are not in his favor.
Nunez is done. He will never be a factor for the Yankees and unless Pineda comes back strong…man.

“Mark Teixeira on Kyle Drabek’s performance: “He was going to win that game without eight runs. He pitched really well. We would have liked to score a few more, obviously. Our offense is used to scoring a lot of runs but tonight just wasn’t our night.””
Is it ever YOUR night Tex??? $20 Million says it should be more than once a month…
“Hiroki Kuroda on his 3-5 start: “I’m hoping I can be more consistent than I am right now, but unfortunately, that’s not the way it’s going right now. It will come. I hope I will be more consistent. …. I’ve only been here in the American League for a month, month and a half now. It’s really hard to compare the American League and National League. There are a lot of power hitters compared to the National League, so I have to be more careful.”
No. Really???
“Russell Martin on Kyle Drabek’s outing: “We looked like we got a little happy once we got in good counts, kind of expanded a little bit. All the way through the lineup, we’d get in good counts and let him off the hook. It was one of those days for us.”
Just ANOTHER one of those days…
“Martin: “We got in a hole and it seemed like every hitter was trying to hit a 3-run homer with nobody on. That’s not how you win ballgames.””
Ya think???
“Joe Girardi on Kyle Drabek: “He got us to beat the ball into the ground tonight. That’s what he is, he’s a ground ball pitcher and we weren’t able to quite lay off some of his sinkers that were a little bit below the zone and he took advantage of it. … This kid has good stuff, and when his sinker’s that good it’s going to be hard not to hit the ball into the ground. You have to make him get the ball up, and we just weren’t able to make him do it.””
Kyle Drabek. Future HOF’er. Nice to know the $200 million Yankees are able to make adjustments to the guy pitching. Not.
“Girardi on the Yankees’ staggering offensive inconsistency: “Guys have got to do it. That’s the bottom line. We’ve got to get it done. There’s no panic in here. We play a lot of games. We’ve got over 120 games left. Our guys have got plenty of chances to do a lot of damage.”
Been hearing this BS for 2+ years…
“What will it take for the Yankees to snap out of their offensive inconsistency? “I don’t think we’re the only offense that’s going through this. You look around the league, there’s some teams that are scuffling and some good players that are scuffling. … It happens on certain years. You want to be able to put your finger on it and say this is why it’s happening, but sometimes you can’t.”
So because OTHER teams, without $200 million payrolls mind you, suck…it’s an excuse for your team Joe? If they all jumped off a bridge, would your team too???
“Girardi on the Yankees’ 3-for-52 with RISP in their eight May losses: “That’s what’s killing us. Guys have got to find a way. You’ve got to find a way to get a hit in that situation and see if it can become contagious. You put some more pressure on them. But we just have not hit with runners in scoring position on a consistent basis. We have not.”
3-for-fucking-52…I never played organized baseball in my life and I could run into a .057 BA w/RISP
That is all. I am mentally exhausted and seriously depressed. I’m going to go beat on my drums.
(all of this was from Feinsand’s twitter)

The frustration of horrible RISP performance is hard to quantify. When a team keeps putting guys on but can’t push them across, it toys with your emotions. When they do it night in and night out it begins to take on the feel of an emotionally abusive relationship. I’ve been championing the positive outlook thing for a while here krueg but man to I hear you. Last night they didn’t get many RISP to begin with so it was a bit of a different beast than several of the previous games, but yeah, 3-for-52 is hard to swallow. And yet I still coming back for more because they promise me they will change their ways. Am going to my first game of the year with my brother on Monday. I am such a sucker.
Oh, and since I haven’t raised it in at least 48 hours allow me to point out the thing that ALWAYS gets me most depressed when I think of this team. A-Rod is signed through 2017. The cascading effect of that massive anchor on team performance, morale, and available funds each of the next 5 years will be incalculable.

He clearly wasn’t worth it. 8 years and 1 ring so far and he certainly doesn’t look like anything more than a glorified single-hitter now. Hal fucked that all up.
I really hope they win on Monday for you IH. That’s what I’ve been reduced to at this point as well, just hoping they beat the Indians on 6/27.
I am starting to think this franchise needs major, major changes.
New GM and new coach may be priority 1 and 1a.
How do you fuck up a team with the resources of the Yankees????
PS How about how empty the Stadium is going to look in about 2 months when we’re out of it? How will they justify the RIDICULOUS ticket prices after we miss the playoffs this year, if not many more years in the future until ARod/Tex are gone???

“The Yankees have tipped their hats to pitchers so many times this year, they better begin icing their elbows and wrists.”
First line of an article in the Post.
I would laugh if it didn’t make me so sad.

i’m sharing your frustration guys…one thing i don’t agree with though is that the yankees offense is “inconsistent”…they’re consistent alright, consistently ineffective…in fact, if they gave out trophies for ineptitude with risp, they’d need to make space on the mantel for this year’s prize…3 for 52…oy…if anyone ever questions the notion that money won’t buy championships they need look no further than this year’s team…cashman deserves lots of the blame, but i’m also looking at who evaluates talent for us, and the entire coaching staff from the minors on up…it’s easy to pick guys like cc or even arod in his prime, but we’ve failed on pretty much every other front: drafts, free agency, trades…if the rays can do it and win, why can’t we?…to get technical we failed with cc and arod too by bidding against ourselves and offering too many years…time to turn the tables on these overpaid, under-achieving lard-butts and offer no more than 5 years…sure we may lose a few to the angels or another team willing to go longer, but so what?…if we’re doing on job well on the other fronts, it shouldn’t matter…i’m sick of the excuses too…”it just wasn’t our day”, “the [pitcher] had our number”…yeah, 0 with risp…”he [our pitcher] didn’t hit his spots, didn’t have good command, got pitches up in the zone”, “[batter] just isn’t seeing the ball well right now”…wtf…how about a good old fashioned “well we suck, our scouting and coaching staffs are perhaps the most incompetent in the game, and we overpaid certain guys and they haven’t lived up to expectations, we may not win another game”…now that’s a post game comment that i can get my arms around…

I’m still holding out hope for this year krueg. It is early man and I will be mildly (though not extremely) surprised if they don’t make it to the post-season. But yeah, deep down,I cannot see them the way I see Texas for example so I just can’t see them going all the way. Their starting pitching – as ostensibly great as it has ever looked coming into the season – is now a liability and the offense has not shown the ability to scrape together runs on nights where the HRs abandon them.
So I root for a great season by Jeter, a season-long presence of a competent Hughes in the starting rotation (hopes for dominance have long ago faded, but could he at least be a strong #4 please??), some fun along the way, and a post-season spot, knowing that next year, the pitching might be overhauled, but Teix and A-Rod will be there – another year older and continuing as the “anchors” of the offense in all the wrong ways.

Let’s not forget Darvish…
How the FUCK is that guy not in Pinstripes.
Nice work Cashman.
I agree dc, the whole organization is broken. Top to bottom. I hope IH is right, it’s early and all that but let’s all be real. This team is finished. Unless all of the stiffs end up hitting 30 HR’s each, we’re fucked. And there is no way we can trade any of the anchors, and they certainly aren’t just going to retire and give up their golden parachutes.
This could be rock bottom…if I didn’t grow up watching them in the 80’s. I see the empty stadium in the very near future.

um, can’t speak for krueg, but that didn’t make me feel better IH ;) i guess the truth hurts…we share the same outlook for this team…i keep hearing that it’s a long season and things will sort out…being a long season is not in our favor with all the old farts we have needing days off down the road, and not many capable backup options [hello nunez, i’m talkin to you!]…it’s gonna be a long season alright…

“…At least the Sox are worse?…”
never like to hang my hat on that kind of thing krueg…don’t get me wrong, i get some perverse enjoyment out of the soap opera in beantown, but baseball’s much more interesting, and the discussion here much more lively, when both teams are doing well…call me spoiled, entitled, whatever…that’s just the way it is…

“At least the Sox are worse?”
Kind of…our run differential and expected W-L are pretty much exactly the same. 3 games back, we’re coming for you! (lol)
Of course, the entire AL East (and Texas) has a positive run differential…everyone else in the AL does not. Stupid stacked division.
Meh, I still have hope for my own team too. We can all be deluded together; it’ll be fun.
Yanks will put together a nice run at some point, I’ve no doubt.
Detroit…there’s a disappointment for you thus far. Or the Angels, man, that shit (especially Pujols) is hilarious.

Whoa – i left for a couple hours and come back to a swirling blackhole of negativity. I guess I shouldn’t have brought up A-Rod. See?? He screwed up this thread too! Typical!!!
Best part is, dc is back!!! Welcome back man!!! Stick around. Let’s all get depressed together.
Look, Robbie Cano is all home-grown, arguably best-in-the-game talent (yes, I said “arguably SFs” and Philly fans!).
And despite the fact that I threw Hughes entirely under the bus a month ago, I haven’t given up hope on him yet. If pressed I would say that I think he will be a good rotation arm though not the elite potential #1 we had gotten hyped to expect.
The trade for Granderson was a win all around. Would Ian Kennedy be anywhere near as effective if he were pitching in the ALEast instead of the NL West? I really don’t think so. Granderson has been OPS’ing above .880 ever since he tweaked his swing in late 2010.
The pen problems have been entirely bad luck. Joba, Mo, Roberston…that’s just a horribly unlucky trifecta.
The persistent station-to-station RISP-logjam is something that I do think will balance out eventually but will also be helped by having Gardner’s speed and disruption back in the lineup.
For me, frustration and depression regarding the Yanks swirl pretty much entirely around decline-Rod and Teixera who is both too streaky and annoyingly flummoxed by the shift. it gets me down because we’re married to A-Rod forever. And that’s horrible. But I’m not so down on Cashman for other moves. A-Rod was explicitly not his move and if Pineda cleared his physical what the hell is Cashman supposed to do?

We are now the team that shitty teams that are slumping feast on to get going…
What a great feeling.
Hughes is back baby. Nibbling because he has no confidence in his garbage stuff.
About to walk the bases loaded…best case scenario.

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