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Back To The Bronx: Halos-Yanks Gamer

AJ worked a 1-2-3 first inning for New York. Cool. Now get someone up in the pen. Dan Haren is on the mound for LAnaheim. Chavez DHing, Nunez at third, Martin behind the plate. We still love you, Georgie. Thanks for the memories. Comment away.

E. Aybar SS
H. Kendrick 2B
B. Abreu DH
T. Hunter RF
M. Trumbo 1B
V. Wells LF
M. Izturis 3B
P. Bourjos CF
J. Mathis C
D. Haren
B. Gardner LF
D. Jeter SS
C. Granderson CF
M. Teixeira 1B
R. Cano 2B
N. Swisher RF
E. Chavez DH
R. Martin C
E. Nunez 3B
A. Burnett

30 replies on “Back To The Bronx: Halos-Yanks Gamer”

Burnett is easily my least favorite player on this team. At least he’s not signed for another three years! They’ve got rookies that could pitch better.

AJ looking great…but it only takes one inning to give up 6 runs as we know.
Tex….doesn’t hit a HR so obviously an out.
Cano singles.
Swish pops out to the wall.

GRD. 1-3. AJ implodes. Guy was hitting .181.
It doesn’t matter what game, what opponent, how bad a batter is…AJ WILL fuck it up. It’s disgusting.
I hate him so fucking much it defies words. You worthless fucking dumb redneck piece of shit. Please just blow out your fucking elbow. Do us all a fucking favor.

Motherfucker is SMILING as he walks off the mound.
I know it’s wrong, but I am going to wish with all my might that he suffers a career ending injury. So what, he gets to collect his $85 million either way…at least then he wouldn’t hurt the team on the field any longer.
One of the worst signings in the history of the Yankees.

Now it’s up to our sorry offense against the best pitching staff in baseball…
3rd straight loss. All the momentum of 8 straight wins gone. Perpetual mediocrity.
Maybe next year? After we retool the roster after getting swept in the 1st round? If not collapse fully Mets-style and miss the playoffs.

I can’t even bring myself to write what just happened.
3rd loss in a row.
I might watch again when ARod gets back.
We are fucking terrible. The Wild Card is in jeopardy and I really don’t care anymore.

Wow, Mo blowing two straight games? At least YFs can feel good with the assumption that he’s met his “bad outing” quota for probably the rest of the season.
For what it’s worth Krueg, the Wild Card really isn’t in jeopardy: you’re 6.0 games up on LA, 8.5 up on Tampa, and 11.5 up on Cleveland. None of those teams are as good as the Yankees.

I hear ya Ath but I’m one of “those” YF’s…Championship or bust. AL East or bust.
Last year was painful and this year is even worse. Unless ARod comes back and lights the world on fire, we have no chance of doing anything in the playoffs.

Even if ARod doesn’t perform extremely well when he comes back, his mere presence in that lineup helps everyone. Nunez (99 OPS+ and 18 SB) and Chavez (118 OPS+) have performed well enough, but it’s not the same as a lineup that features ARod. (Sidenote: yes I know the Yankees have gone 18-8 scoring 5.64 runs per game without him, but that’s against Toronto, Tampa, Oakland, Seattle, Baltimore, and Chicago).

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