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Bad Laundry

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As the year started so terribly, and as this was the offseason we refreshed our Sox-related millinery (that’s hatwear to those who want to be spared a google search) we got thinking about our history of Sox-related clothing purchases. We wondered what was the worst sports-related fashion acquisition we ever made. For us it had to be the Boston Bruins throwback 1926 sweater – not a game jersey, but rather an actual dress-up sweater. It was, in retrospect, awful. We never wore it out. Ever.

So what was the worst clothing item you bought? It doesn’t have to be ugly necessarily, it could just be stupid. Like if when we were an enthusiastic and naive teen we spent hard-earned snow-shoveling dough on a Matt Young shirt, or went out and blew our long-guarded Bar Mitzvah savings on a game-worn Edgar Renteria protective cup.

Confess your sins in the comments.

24 replies on “Bad Laundry”

I hate Yanks jerseys with names on them. I’m just an ass.
I have a few ugly Yanks sweaters. Always seems to be the sweaters that look completely dorky other than having the NY logo, haha..

I get truly pissed off when I’m in Seattle for Yankees games and I see people wearing “named” jerseys. There’s no good reason for it, I’m probably a pompous ass. But it is all about the numbers to me.

Everything and anything with the mighty and incomparable New York Yankees on it in any way is always beautiful and invaluable…

I picked up an official Mark Loretta jersey at the team store after he hit his walk off homer on Patriots Day. I was drunk. Very drunk. That’s what happens when you and your buddies start drinking for an 11:00am game at 7:00am.

“…Everything and anything with the mighty and incomparable New York Yankees on it in any way is always beautiful and invaluable…”
i wish i had said it first krueg

> drinking for an 11:00am game at 7:00am.
Due to poor planning, mutual fans and I got drunk ahead of time for a hockey game that was actually on the following day.

Wow, a Mark Loretta jersey. That means that you and his Mom are the only two who have them, and his mom didn’t even pay for hers.

Only women and children are permitted to wear Yankees jerseys with names on them. Any male over the age of 18 that has a jersey with the number 2 and JETER above it should convert to a Mets fan and he can wear one of their 12 jerseys with the name and all.
I STILL have my Yankee road gray 1918 jersey that I wore in the bleachers of Fenway park…If I knew how to post a picture of it I would, it’s pretty sweet.

I have a Jeter jersey with the name and number on it…couldn’t afford the authentic one when I bought it about 10 years ago.
I will meet you after school in the parking lot john.

Due to poor planning,
This has to be an intentional Monty Python reference, right, AG?
I’ve somehow never, ever owned a Red Sox jersey.

> Python
> That is just called being a Sabres fan
True that. It wasn’t ’99. It was early ’90s. The part that sucked was that we had driven to Buffalo from Rachacha for the non-existant game.

Fantastic. You are officially the only other person I know to drop a Python reference that obscure into an unrelated conversation. From one of my favorite sketches, no less.

I was a Celtics fan growing up. I saved up lawn-mowing money and bought one of those really shiney green celtics jackets. It’s relly just a hideous color to wear. Unless you are on a parquee’ed floor bouncing a ball.
I bought a 1918 hat. Sadly, I wasn’t drunk. I was just obnoxious that day.

“Holy buried lede, Batman!!!”
Ha! It was the early 80’s when I first got into basketball and I was totally amazed by Larry Bird. And then we had the greatest era of modern NBA basketball with the LA/Boston rivalry and I was hooked. I still have residual instinctive hatred for the Lakers, but I just don’t much care about any specific team any more. Just follow the playoffs and enjoy the drama of, for instance Miami vs. Boston.

Krueg, I am not an elitist by any means brother! You wear what you need to wear, but I’d just say put some tape over that name! I mean have you ever been out seen a #2 jersey and said Hmmmm, I wonder who that is? If Freddy Garcia jerseys were actually being sold he’d need the name, but short of him we are good. Sorry if I offended you pal.

Does it count if someone else got it for me? Two years ago my future-father-in-law bought me a custom Red Sox hat that had the normal Boston ‘B’ with a big red crucifix through it–apparently a woman at his church takes sports logos and throws a bit of Christianity on them. I’m not Christian (far from it), but he did not know this, so I awkwardly thanked him since his heart was in the right place. I’ve never worn it.

I have a bottle opener that, when it feels the pressure of a bottle cap, plays – at pretty high volume – a recording of John Sterling calling a walk-off HR, the Sinatra music playing and crowd going nuts. I’m not embarassed about it. I quite like it. But everyone who I snag by getting to use it (mainly Mets fans) seems to think I should be embarassed.

IH, that’s the cheesiest/tackiest thing I’ve ever heard of. And I thought I had the best hand in this game of “Crappy Sports Paraphernalia Poker.”

I was just messing with you john!
AG…you never cease to amaze me dude. At least you got to spend an extra day in lovely Buffalo??? We do have great bars. :)

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